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Awesome and legitimate stay at home mom jobs

Pregnancy is an eventful phase of a woman’s life. Once things settle down most women, start missing out on their careers that they had successfully carried on till now. With the little one in tow, it is tough to manage both work and baby. Those who choose the career path at this stage face immediate guilt as they are unable to be with their baby at this time. However, this story is a thing of the past. Many women have actually found out stay at home mom jobs that give them the wings to fly on. They are able to make a decent amount of money and spend time with the baby. The work-life balance that is otherwise elusive is attained. 

Awesome and legitimate stay at home mom jobs


This, though, happens only if you know how and where to start your second career. To help you sort your life, we are sharing some legitimate stay-at-home jobs that you can dabble with. Though most of them will require no or limited investment, understand your skills before picking any one of them. 

List of online stay at home mom jobs 

  • Blogging

Blogging tops the list of best jobs for stay at home moms. This is probably because, as a mom, you already have experience with a lot of things. Sharing the same with other similar individuals is a great way to earn money. Secondly, there is no shortage of material that you could blog about. People these days love to read about stuff, and the more you know, the better it is.

Blogging for yourself involves setting up a blog. For that, you first need to figure out what you want to write about. Then you will have to set up a website and get a hosting package for it. Research and see any unique niches that you would like to cover.

Surprisingly blogging is the kind of job which does not require your attention all the time. If your baby is sick or needs your attention, you can take a break, and nothing will get affected. Mostly the critical thing in the case of blogging is to be patient. Money will come, but it would take some time before things settle down. However, if you love writing your thoughts down, the wait for money won’t be so painful.

  • Reselling

Yes, we all know that online shopping is the latest fad to grip the world. The best part is that you can use online sales platforms for your own good. Most of these websites have deals coming up on a regular basis. You just need to know the trick to grasp these deals and buy those products. Later you could sell the same products off at a higher price. This simple trick is enough to make you a substantial amount of money each month.

You could also find such bargains from thrift stores and put them up for sale on Amazon. Doing that not only gets customers the kind of products they were looking for, it also means a good exposure for you as well. If you do not have an idea about going about this job you should first look for courses. There are many moms who are doing this, and they would love to share their secrets with you.

  • Freelance writing

Just like blogging, freelance writing can be done easily from home. All you have to do is to look for jobs where the demand is. Always look for jobs that are high paying and do not settle for low rates. Freelance writing has turned into careers for stay at home moms. The best part is you can write at any time of the day provided you keep the deadline in mind.

Always find out the niche in which you would like to move ahead. There are websites in different genres like lifestyle, fashion, parenting, travel, Digital marketing, etc. Find out your expertise and look for jobs in the same. If you dabble in more than one niche, you might have to face a shortage of jobs. 

There are many job boards that are aimed at providing jobs to freelance writers, and you will have to research them properly. The only problem with this stay-at-home mum job is that initial days might be hectic. You will have to be patient as settling down with clients and establishing a rapport takes time.

  • Teach English Online

In case you have a neutral English accent, this can be an alternative stay at home mom job. You should just have the flair of teaching, and you are good to go. There are many platforms that provide such services, and you can associate with them.

The job includes teaching English to children in China and other similar countries. However, when you start this job, apply to more than one website. This will increase your chances of being hired. You could also choose more than one language if the platform allows and you have the expertise.

  • Start a day home 

You are looking for jobs for moms who want to stay home, but what about those women who cannot leave their office jobs. They look for an alternative place where they can drop their kids while at work. You can set up a day home for such tiny tots and take up this responsibility.

The pay here will be good but would require some setup costs and a regular investment as well. For you to do well in this job, you have to learn the art of tackling more than one child. Plus, you should have a good relationship with your neighbors as they will be the first ones to spread the word about you.

  • Virtual assistant 

More people working online, more help they require. This is where the job of a virtual assistant comes into play. A virtual assistant can take up those jobs which the other person is unable to tackle at that moment. Here you have to be capable of multitasking and finish multiple jobs at one time.

A VA can associate with more than one client if they have the bandwidth to do so. This means you can decide the terms of the job and how much work you wish to take. Naturally, this is a great option for stay-at-home mom jobs for those who want the flexibility to work anywhere and at any time.  In this case, a trained Virtual assistant earns more than an untrained one. So if you can do training or course before applying it will increase your earning potential.

  • Photographer

This is a job for creative stay-at-home moms to enjoy. But when you start this job, you need to have the ability to appreciate the beauty around you. An introductory photography course is absolutely necessary. Start by taking photographs around you and see if you can capture some beautiful ones.

Post that you could start your own Facebook page so that clients also notice your work. You will have to put in a decent amount of money in buying a good camera. Plus the expense of developing the roles and providing them to your clients. It is better to enter this fray only when you notice that you have a flair for it. You could also sell your photos as stock photos online, but they have to be really good and is not an extremely high-paying option.

  • Proofreading 

Even the most successful of people make an error while writing, and this is where the proofreader comes into the picture. You just have to be good with spoken English and tackle the fundamental mistakes of the language without any worries. 

This is similar to blogging and writing though you do not do the writing work here. However, since you choose your own work hours, this is one of the popular stay-at-home mom jobs

  • Transcriptionist 

Usually, people are unable to grasp completely what a transcriptionist job is all about. However, if we talk in simple terms, all a transcriptionist’s job is to listen to audios and put the conversation paper. This job remains slightly complicated and if you have to concentrate then only you must pick up this job.

Again a transcriptionist can earn a lot of money as there is a considerable demand for this profile. You will have to do a detailed course so as to get a high-paying job at the beginning itself. Also, make sure you have enough time at hand when you take this profile. Initially, you would take a lot of time to transcribe audio of 30 minutes.

  • Direct Sales

Multi-level marketing or MLM is a term that you would have heard very often. Direct sales are dealing with customers directly and sell the products to them. Many companies who manufacture beauty products, household items, etc., look for women who can do MLM for them. You must have a good network of friends in order to be successful in this field.

This stay at home mom job is perfect for outgoing females who can convince others to buy their products. There are levels of hierarchy involved in this job. Once you set up a huge network under you, there are excellent chances of bagging rewards as well as monetary benefits.

However, the chances of failure are also high in this case. Venture into this field if you are sure of your capabilities. You could pick up a product that you are sure will be easy to sell or already has a good reputation in the market. This increases your chances of convincing the customers to try out the new products.

For crafty stay at home mom jobs

Do you have the craft bug in you? Products made out of crocheting, knitting, beading, and quilting can quickly be sold on Etsy. The platform showcases your collections on their website, and you can hope to get decent returns for the same. However, this is hard work, and you need to be extremely patient with the results.

If you want, you can make products in advance and then portray them on the platform. But it might take some time for people to notice your products. Once they do, you can make a decent earning, all without letting go of your favorite hobby.

  • Graphic designer 

This stay at home mom job is for creatively inclined females. You will have to undertake a course of around six months before you venture into this field. Start by doing small designing jobs, so you have a portfolio to show to the high-paying client.

Since the websites are plenty and increasing on a daily basis, you will get loads of work. Only your skills are at use here, and if you want, you can do this job at any time you are free. However, you might meet with a lot of fraud clients, and you should know how to avoid working for them. Once things settle down, you are going to make lots of money for sure. 

  • Travel agent

Are you good at communicating and convincing people around you? You can join a travel agency and get them new customers. The exciting part is that you will also get some decent travel packages in return. This is apart from the commission or money that you make on each deal that is completed.

A travel agent’s job requires training in advance, which you would most likely get from the agency you are working for. From time to time, companies provide resources and deals to help you sell your products to the customers. If you already have a huge friend circle and some travel buffs, you can easily make a good return out of this job.

  • Data entry jobs 

Data entry is a favorite option for stay at home mom jobs these days. The employers who are looking for data entry people want you to have a good typing speed and sharp attention to every detail. Apart from that, you should be good with the numbers. However, again in Data entry jobs, you can find fraudsters who will make you work and then vanish away later on.

To avoid dealing with such people, get your clients only through reputed websites. You could eliminate clients who do not have any payment history associated with them. Again this may not be a high-paying job, so be careful about that. It is better to wait for the best option than to work for peanuts.

  • Accounting clerk

If you have a background in accounts and bookkeeping, you could do it from the comfort of your home. The point here is that initially, you should start with small steps so that you don’t make mistakes. Take up small assignments and then move on to higher levels. The job will include maintaining financial records, reconciling bank statements, preparing reports, processing the transactions, and providing clerical support. 

This job may, however, have erratic work timings as requests to see through financial data can arise at any time. If you are stuck with a particular time frame, this may not be the best stay at home mom job for you. You will need bookkeeping, data entry, and word processing skills in order to be successful. Primarily the assignments will either be project-based or freelance, and you may choose as per your limitation.

  • Social media specialist

Call it a bane or a boon, but social media is everywhere. Most of the moms are already very comfortable using it, but how about using it and making money in the process. As part of a social media specialist, you will have to regularly post about any particular brand on its social media page. For that, you need to undertake a proper course highlighting each and every detail of the way social media works.

Many companies want freelancers to tackle their social media jobs for them. If you are great at writing enticing posts that deliver results, this job is perfect for you. However, pay is something that you will have to discuss about, so there is no scope of getting paid less than your effort.

  • Pinterest manager

Separately Pinterest is a huge platform for new brands trying to survive. But, using it and being successful in that process is confusing. In case you have been on Pinterest and know how to navigate through it, offer your services to these brands. Marketing on Pinterest is booming, and with new brands and bloggers entering the fray every day, you are sure to do well in this job.

  • Coach

Many other women are struggling to find a stay at home mom jobs. You can guide them into establishing their own business or picking up an alternative career choice. For example, if you started an Etsy selling business, you could provide your coaching to women on how they can do it too. Apart from that, you could also do career counseling for students who are trying to find a career of their liking. The skills you require here would be that you should be a good communicator and any past experience that still holds some value these days. You can use the following methods to become a coach:

  • Private Facebook group training
  • Mentoring on an individual basis
  • Online classes
  • 1:1 coaching


  • Taking surveys 

Do you know many sites need the opinions of individuals? Not only that, these websites give you a decent payback in return for your response. If you have free time at hand, you can go through these survey sites and finish their daily surveys every day.

Upon starting, you must make a dedicated email id specifically for this purpose. This is to avoid missing out on any surveys coming your way. The exciting part about this job is that you can join as many survey sites as you want. However, be careful of any scam site that offers you a high payout. Such websites only take your personal information and do not give you the money when you ask for a pay-out.

Some websites only pay in cash which may not be much, but once you get the hang of it can translate into a decent income. There are others who offer vouchers and gift cards. You can redeem them for purchasing goods from Amazon or other e-commerce stores. Basically, this is a stay at home mom job that does not require any investment as such.

  • Moderating FB groups, Webinars, and chat rooms 

There is no shortage of FB groups online, and you can moderate them. Your job would include approving the posts, removing any posts which do not match guidelines, and adding your inputs as well. In the case of webinars, a moderator helps the host in organizing the work and even shares essential questions posed by the attendees.

To get started, you must know how FB groups work and what goes behind managing the webinars. In case you are part of a paid or free FB group, you can ask them if they require a moderator. The average pay rate of moderating a FB group or webinar is around $15 per hour. Though this may not seem much if you can handle multiple works, the overall payout becomes relatively high.

  • Phone Chat job

When you need any assistance on a company’s website, you will find a chat representative there to assist you. Even huge MNC s have people handling this work for them. Interestingly the job can be done from the comfort of your home. 

The skills you need to start this job are problem-solving ability and the ability to type at a reasonable speed with accuracy, and a decent working computer. You can search online for such jobs. Just check the credentials of the website before you sign up for any job.

  • Local business marketing

Many small-size businesses do not have the resources to market their products. If you already have a marketing background, you can prove helpful. For a moderate fee, you can prepare a marketing strategy showing them how to use social media, email marketing, newsletters, etc., to their advantage.

However, to assist them, you need to have a proper marketing background, so a course is mandatory. Apart from that, you should be adept with the latest marketing trends. Initially, you could start with Facebook marketing as there is a lot of growth in the same. 

  • Create a Shopify store 

This particular stay at home mom job is for those who can create unique products that customers will love. Setting up a Shopify store is very simple, and once there, the navigation and moving around is easy too. You can make a decent amount as the products are sold. They might take a small amount of commission, but that would be negligible when you see the profits you are making in the end. 

Offline part-time jobs for stay at home moms

These job options are in case you do not wish to want to sit on the laptop the whole day. These stay at home mom jobs are creative satisfaction and mostly related to helping others sort out their lives. You can do something that you are already doing just for someone else and earn money in the process.

  • Organizing homes 

Working women are sometimes quite stressed out and do not have the time to manage their homes in the best manner possible. In such a scenario, you can prove to be quite helpful and do so for them. You can set up your own YouTube channel with small videos guiding the people out. Once that is done, you could start taking small-time projects to tackle the daily home tasks for women similar like you. 

In this case, you have to be particular about the pay you will take. The best case would be setting up separate packages as per the service you are ready to provide. Mainly such jobs may or may not require any special training. You should be good at time management and guiding people in taking care of their chaotic lives. 

  • Beautician

A lot of women do not have the time and resources to go to the parlor regularly. If you want, you can learn a beautician’s skills and provide the services to your neighbors and acquaintances. In case you do not want to learn an elaborate course, you could stick to nail art.

Women ignore their nails and would love someone to do for them. You could call them to your home or visit them. You also get a chance to meet other women and make friends and socialize in the process. 

  • Rent your home as an AIRBNB

If you have a vacant holiday home that you do not regularly visit, this option is just for you. Renting the house on an AIRBNB could get you good returns on your investment. Create a FB page where prospective customers could contact you. List the attractive features of your property and do add some pictures to it.

You could also rent out your own home or a part of it if required. However, renting it out could hamper your privacy, and you may not like that. Take up this option if you are ok with the maintenance that comes with it. In most cases, you get good money from renting your home as people love to stay in a homely atmosphere if given a chance.

  • Clean homes 

Some women have just had a baby and find it challenging to keep their houses clean. If keeping the home clean and shining is your forte, then you could help sort out people’s homes for you. What makes this job interesting is that you are going to get a lot of appreciation for the job. Initially, you could start with targeting your services to new moms who are in the struggling phase.

Start by creating a Facebook page and market yourself to people living nearby. It is better not to expand your reach until you are absolutely sure that you can manage the load. You might have to pay for the commuting expenses and be open to tackling the cleaning woes. Keep an open mind, and you are going to do really well in this stay at home mom jobs

  • Event planner

Have you planned your kid’s birthday, and people have marveled at your abilities? If yes, then why not tender your services to other mothers. There are a variety of tasks you can tackle while doing so. Start with simple birthday tasks and move on to complex assignments. You could take help from Pinterest as it has many theme-based boards that prove to be a great help.

Mostly here, you ought to be a great multi-tasker. Another thing is knowing the best places from where you can gather all the supplies for the event. The better knowledge you have, the more are your chances of succeeding in the field. With women already having such cluttered lives, your service is going to act as a significant help.

In this kind of job profile, word of mouth is highly crucial. Even if you are on Social media, ensure that your neighbors and acquaintances know what you are up to. Once you can execute some events properly, it would be a matter of time before your references help you get more and better tasks to accomplish. As a suggestion, keep your rates moderate in the beginning, and you may increase once you have made a strong foothold.

  • Laundry service

Some women just love their household chores, and if you are one of them, you could make money out of it. Essential laundry work like washing, drying, and ironing will get you good exposure. Most importantly, these jobs you can do even when your kids are around. Plus you can assist your friends and relatives in their basic cleaning jobs.

Many women are able to make a decent amount every week just by cleaning clothes. The only investment you need in this case is your detergent and hard work. Obviously, that is a negligible investment with regards to the returns you are getting.

Qualifications needed for a stay at home mom jobs 

The qualifications you need for starting work are dependent on the job. For example, if you are looking for a job as a blogger, writer, or proofreader, you must be proficient in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, for jobs like house cleaning and laundry, you do not need any special qualifications apart from having a pleasing personality.

To become a coach, bookkeeper, or graphic designer, you need a certification before moving ahead. There are multiple tools available online that would help make your job search simplified. Just ensure you have done sufficient research before venturing into the decided field.


Staying at home with nothing major to do can be rather depressing. However, many women these days are breaking the boundaries and picking up stay at home mom jobs. The list above shows the variety of jobs such women can choose from. If you already have a talent like baking, crocheting, etc., you must start in that field itself.

In case you are confused, do your bit of research and shortlist two or three options you are comfortable with. Later on, you should analyze the pros and cons of each before figuring out which one job will suit your temperament. Do not rush with starting any career as these things take time to establish, and it will take time before you begin earning decently; hence be patient.

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