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How Can You Make Money On Your Personal Blog?

It starts with a hobby. You like to write some exited posts several times per week, add great visual materials after months start to notice that your hobby grab an attention other people, which you do not meet in real life. They post a feedback, write comments on your page, ask for the advice, carefully listen to your opinions on some topic, want to meet. Congratulations! You found your auditory and became a true blogger. The next question is: “How can I monetize all this, with which brands should I make the deals, how to choose a proper approach to earn some money while do not lose readers”?
You know,

After reading this article, be sure, you will take the biggest step to make a blog, which can earn a good income for you.

Step 1: Start with the learning of your auditory preferences more deeply.

Believe, the best bloggers, which we know, have one same thing: they know their audience, it is all the secret. If you still remain Britain’s biggest loser in the blogger sphere, the reason is – you do not know your reader. When you write posts as a hobby, you haven’t to think about feedback, posts reach, other issues because you do not monetize this. Think about it. But if you strongly decide to make money from the blog you have to carefully follow all the audience reactions, plan the content according to their desires.

Just remember: if know your reader – you can give him exactly what he wants.

There are a lot of analyzing tools for your blog, the most known is Google Analytics, but you can find anything else if it is more suitable for you.

What insights you can grab from them:

  • Demographics parameters (country, age, gender).
  • Psychographics parameters (what are the most popular articles, which category they read the most).

All this metrics are good, but nothing will replace live communication: arrange meetings with your users, invite them to various events, make online and offline games.

Step 2: Add some ads

Despite a lot of flak, ads play an important role in your blog monetization. The main trick here is to do them properly and do not bombard your users.

Bloggers decide what they want to promote, with which brands to partner, how can you do this? It is obvious, scroll on your blog, which topics it covers, go the Google analytics and analyze all the demographic characteristics.

Secondly, if you don’t want your site to be cluttered with blinking ads, use targeting. We advise you to start from the Google AdSense, it is a home for millions of bloggers, that help to monetize their content.

Step 3: Setting up affiliates.

Another easy way to monetize your readers is to join different affiliates programs. The logic is the following: you generate a unique link, add to the blog, customers, that will be liked that product click on the link, make a purchase, after that, you get a percentage of the purchase amount.

Nothing else!

Suppose, you are running a blog where you write about education, so, you can choose something referred to this topic and integrate with the post. See below, how you can do it:

“Writing an essay is a time-consuming process if you have lack of time buy research paper online”.

There are dozens of affiliates platform on the Internet, browse them, read more closely all conditions. One of the most popular is Amazon Associates.

Step 4: Think about lead generation

What is the most valued thing in getting a sustainable income? The correct answer is a strategy, so, think about your future plans in advance, there is where lead generation can be in handy.

The process is simple: you attract visitors, turn them into customers, you get revenue.

Even if you do not sell anything yet, start to gather your own base of loyal readers, communicate with them through the emails.

To get a user email:

  • Propose some unique content, which is not opened for all eyes;
  • Provide them with discounts for some products.
  • Invite them to meetings.

Step 5: choose products which you can sell.

When you have a big base of loyal users, it nothing happens if you start to sell them goods related to your posts. Remember, you get to keep all 100% of the profit.

It can be guides, books, dress or unique content, all that your users will like and eat up.

To tell the truth, making money from the blog is not so hard as you can imagine, it is just required a complex and consistent approach.

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