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How To Get a Blog Post Indexed

In this article we will tell you how to get a blog post indexed. Here’s the complete discussion about it.

Why do someone blog?

No one would write blog posts as a substitute for their personal diary. On contrary, through each post, the bloggers try to impress upon the rest of the world by conveying their thoughts, opinions and feelings. In other words, the more readers their post gets the happier would be the blogger. There is no selfishness in looking forward for publicity as writings are always meant for larger audience. Also, everyone would grow by sharing their knowledge with the rest only.

The popularity that comes through the conventional modes of communication i.e. newspapers, magazines and book publishing etc. is slow and uncertain. The popularity on internet that could be garnered from self publishing through blogs is quick and instant.

Like how it is difficult for a writer to find a suitable publisher, getting the readership through internet is also a daunting task. But unlike the difficulties in conventional publishing, online writers can deploy certain technical tactics which could fetch higher readership. The process called as ‘Indexing’ by search engines is one of the primary resources to get viewership. Following are the few tips that could help bloggers to getting their blog posts indexed quickly with major search engines.

  1. The speed of indexing by search engines is relative to the quantum of the content and its periodicity. Hence frequent posts with good length are highly desirable to achieve good indexing.
  2. Search engines deploy piece of codes called ‘crawlers’ to find the content on web and index them. They search for certain typical words or phrases which are termed as “keywords”. To speed up the indexing, bloggers must place the keywords as part of their blog posts.
  3. Thus, the increased frequency of posts and the keywords placed in the content would increase the speed of indexing.
  4. Another way to achieve fast indexing is through ‘link building.’ In this tactics, bloggers would be giving links to other blogs and request them to place a back link in their blogs. This is a mutually beneficial step that would fetch new traffic for both the blogs that have back-to-back links.
  5. Posting comments in popular websites and blogs can help in getting more traffic. As most of the commenting tools ask for Name, Email id & URL details, by including the link to the blog or a particular blog post, one can get indexed speedily by leveraging on to the popularity of the website where the comment was posted.
  6. By allowing the readers to subscribe for RSS feed of the blog is another good idea for indexing. There are plenty of plugins available for Blogger or WordPress based blogs and once installed these plugins would fuel the indexing process.
  7. Using ‘Labels’ is another tactics to speed up search engine indexing. These labels are the specific words or phrases that describe about the content stored under a particular blog post. Crawlers can easily fetch the ‘labels’ than the content itself. Hence by giving proper labels for each blog post, writers can enhance the visibility of their posts.

All said and done, returning visits by the readers is the organic way of developing the indexing of the blog posts. For this, one must strive to provide quality content.



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