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How to Optimize Blog for SEO

In this article we will discuss about how to optimize Blog for SEO. Complete discussion about it follows under:

After penning down your thoughts in your blog post, next thing comes in your mind is to get a  lot of traffic for your blog. To get as much as visibility to your blog you need to optimize your blog post for search engines for attaining the long term sustainability, huge traffic and high ranking.

Here, in this article we will tell you about the basic steps that will optimize your blog for SEO.

Content is King

The most important factor that rules is the content quality. For a blog the superior the content the better is the optimization. Many people will not be accepting this fact, but they will surely acknowledge that to enhance SEO content must be truly good. If the readers enjoy your content they will be tempted to share your link with others, and this does improve your blog’s rank.

Predict the Keywords

Every time you are posting blog posts you should anticipate the keywords. People use popular keywords so you must find out the topmost ones. When you generate keyword rich content, you improve your chances of being visited. You can take help from the search engines to know the popular keywords.

Include Title and Sub-titles

Google is one of the most popular search engine, and if you want to rank on Google then work upon the titles.

1. To set up the blog your title must appear in the “title tag” at the back end of your blog.

2. If you want to optimize then do not include the blog name in the section for title tags pertaining to single posts. This way the keywords are diluted. But in case you need branding then surely the title tags should include the blog name.

3. Include the predicted keywords in the post title.

4. The beginning of the title must be extremely catchy even though the ending can be simpler.

Keywords for the Rest of the Content

The keywords that have been determined by you must be also present in the body of the content. If you want to make your keywords more obvious include them in the sub-headings also. Be in the habit of using “h tags” where ever necessary. In case of images also try to add the keywords in the alt tags. But do not overuse the keywords for it may be indicated as spam. Use them in the flow of the content.

Linking to Your Own Post

Now this trick must be used in moderation because in excess Goggle may declare you as a spam. If you are active on other blogs, connect them to your blog post.

Here, it must be noted that this trick does not work with Twitter because they have no-follow links. Yet again it is better not to get obsessed with links and concentrate more on the content. But definitely if you have some great posts it is better that more people come to know about it.


There are some extremely good plugins in WordPress that you may make use of. This may not affect your rank in a very big manner, but you may make a small difference with these plugins.

Grab more Readers

Well this may not sound like a conventional SEO tip, but you will also not deny that readers bring in more readers to your blog. The more they connect to you, bookmark you, tweet about you, e-mail your link to friends the better your search engine rankings will be!


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