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How to Disable Google+ Email Notifications

In this article we discuss about how to disable Google Email notifications. Complete discussion about it follows under:

Google Plus has an impressive notification system, quite different from Facebook. You must have noticed it by now while you get notifications in the Google Plus related Gmail account whenever your friends tag you, mention you or add you in any of the circles.

This is undeniable that it is a great effort from Google Plus, but it is obvious that, over time, the flowing in notifications will appear tedious. The bulk of mails have to be regularly removed to the trash or your inbox will be cluttered. But what is the way to get rid of those junk mails?

There is actually a way how you may get rid of these kinds of mails. You can turn off the notifications by disabling the option. Google+ is a particularly dynamic social media platform that lets you get connected to various people across the globe. And to the more people you are connected the more will be get notifications. So keeping this in mind Google Plus has offered you a customizing ability where you may turn off the notification option.

Steps to Disable Notifications in Google+ email

1. After opening your Google+ Homepage log in your Google Account.

2. You will have to click on the name that is appearing in the top-right corner of your page. As soon as you do so the box will expand and you will have to go to the option “Account” to get your options customized.

3. The left menu will appear so Select “Google+” to change the settings pertaining to the email notifications.

4. Now go down to the “Manage Email subscriptions” option and uncheck the options for which you do not want email notifications.

5. The boxes that you may see are –circles, posts, messenger, photos, hangouts, pages, events and communities. If you want to able some of the emails, you will have to choose email checkbox in front of the activity for which you need notifications.

6. If you wish to change the email address where you receive the notifications you may scroll down to the option “Notification delivery” and state where you want to get informed. You will have to state it as the primary email.

7. One aspect that you must keep in mind is that as soon as you stop the notifications from coming from certain actions you may still be notified by Google+ notifications. You will see this option to the right of your name in the top black tool bar.

8. You may also alter the Google+ notification settings on the top of Google Plus account settings page under the option “Who can interact with you and your posts.”

9. The above guidelines will make your inbox clutter free and far from unnecessary junk mails.

Why Disabling Google+ Email Notifications

Google+ has come as a particularly interactive platform. Google+ is a service available to all Gmail users, and the best part is that it allows video conferencing, which they call as Hangouts. Google+ has also share buttons, which is a good feature, for web publishers and those who want to share quickly web content on this platform. All these will come in the form of notifications, and for accessing this material, the users will have to log in to their account on Google+.

Many users simply like the idea of getting notified- what is going on around friends excite them, but many people do not enjoy this kind of service and just hate it! So customizing their settings will let them switch off their Google + email notifications.


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