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Mobile tips and tricks

In this article we are giving some Mobile tips and tricks. Here are the complete details:

Smartphone’s have become the new life of the Gen-Y folks as they consider it their best counterpart for sharing each and every secret of life.  But unfortunately Smartphone’s don’t offer optimum performance and is sometimes loaded with glitches. One primary concern with regards to smartphones has been battery life, which is quite less and can last only for a day’s time, Mostly  Android and iPhones have been victim of this plague. Because of the features they offer you like WI-Fi,GPS,  3G and Bluetooth.

However there are many options which can allow the user to increase the battery life by tweaking some options of their phone.

Here are some quick and handy tips which will enhance your mobile experience.

  • Reducing the Brightness of your screen

Everybody loves to have a lively display on the larger scale but the foe which you encounter is the battery. The display is the area which consumes the major fraction of your battery life. Most of the phones are packed with automatic adjustment feature for screen brightness which could be changed or adjusted accordingly to the ambience of the surroundings. Better results could be witnessed when you get the screen settings to the lowest which could be tolerated by you and then leaving it there itself. This enhances battery life however you might not be sporting the brightest devices around!

  • Time out of the screen to be of shorter duration

The time out setting will allow you to control the screens for specifying the instruction related to the lit of the screen when you have received the inputs on your mobile set. So each and every second counts. It is recommended that you should keep the count of the time out to the minimum level. On most of the Android phones the minimum count is just 15 seconds. In case your time out is set to 2 minutes then change it to 30 seconds or less. On the iPhone the minimum time out option which could be set is 1 minute.

  • Blue tooth should be switched off

When not using Bluetooth, you should surely change the setting of Bluetooth to “OFF” or disabled. By doing this you can increase some portion of your battery of your mobile set.

  • Switch off the WI-Fi connectivity

Similar to your Blue tooth, your phone’s WI-Fi is another drainer of the Battery. When you are in your office premises or at home and plan to use the internet connection of the broad band which is available. It is recommended that you should switch off the WI-Fi connection during that period. Even when you are moving out and you are sure that you will not be using it then you should switch off the WI-Fi option. Android users can add WI-Fi toggle widgets on their home screen which will help them in making it a one touch process. In case of users of iOS 6, the toggling between the on and off options of the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi is easier.

Apart from the ones stated above switch to a black theme and avoid using large icons. Also keep your internet browser devoid of temporary files and other junk.

Hope these Mobile tips and tricks helped you.

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