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Tips for Mobile Data Worm

In this article we are giving some tips for Mobile Data Worm. Here are the complete details:

What is a Worm?

A computer worm is self-repeating virus which simply sits in the computer’s memory and keeps replicating itself. Users cannot detect the presence of a worm till it halts the computer by consuming all its resources.

Data Works & Internet-

The initial mode of spreading the virus was through floppy drives as they were the only external data devices. But the extent of damages was highly localized as these floppy drives and diskettes were being used in a closed workplace environment.

When the internet (World Wide Web) came and revolutionized the data transfer and communications, internet based hackers have gained prominence by writing malicious programs/codes which could be transmitted easily by utilizing internet. Emails and email attachments have become the primary arsenal for hackers and later many other modes have got exploited by these rogue elements.

Data Worm & Mobile Phones-

At the very beginning, mobile phones were mere analog devices with primitive type of embedded software that was sufficient to run
File:Electromagnetic shielding inside mobile phone.jpgcertain preinstalled programs. But as the technological advancement gained the momentum, smartphones have evolved and emerged on to the dais. Mobile phones have been integrated with internet. Many software tools and applications have been developed. And now, smartphones are substituting computers in carrying many online operations.

It is a well known security aspect that internet is prone to malicious attacks like spam, hacking and phishing. These attacks are being carried by installing the data works in the forms of spyware or malware. As mobiles have started working on internet based apps, these applications have become the vassals of many worms.

Data works are the multi-layered ferocious viruses that can not only harm the mobile handsets but also are capable of confiscating sensitive information from them.

How a Data Work Works-

As said earlier, software programs are the usual carriers of viruses. An infested program can get installed on a smartphone through
app downloads which were infested by the hackers. These programs would message back to the hackers about the new vulnerabilities in the phones. This would enable the hackers to prepare fierce viruses like Trojan and indulge into fraudulent activities.

How to Protect Mobile Phones from Data Worm-

As the internet based adversities have increased multifold, the demand of protective programs especially for mobile phones got increased. The prime reason for this demand is due to the extensive usage of smartphones by many businesses and corporate giants as the chief mode of communication and data exchange.

Tips for Mobile Data Work-

  • Mobile’s Operating System is the first level of defense. Hence users should ensure that the OS is having enough virus protection tools.
  • Smart phones must have Rootkit detectors in place.
  • Users should ensure that the files that they download/export are free from malicious codes. They should setup proper file permissions on the mobiles.
  • Similar to desktops/laptops, users must enable Firewalls and must have latest version of anti-virus program installed on their smartphones.
  • There would be many indications for data worms like slowing down of smartphone performance, memory loss etc. Users should immediately identify them and eradicate by using virus removal tools.

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