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Create a realistic water text effect in Photoshop

Here, we are going to show you the step by step solution of how to create water text effect in Photoshop. Along with it, you will also learn to blend water splash brush sets in the text & Make great effect:

This is our aim to develop.

In this tutorial you will be required to have Water Splashing Brush and select anyone from list.

·         Lake

·         Font

Step 1:

Make a new document sized 940 X 700 pixels, fill up the background layer by black color. Put the Lake image onto Photoshop & use Lasso Tool at feather setting of 40 Pixel, extract the selection of Lake Portion:

Cut & paste the selection on canvas, erase the edges with large soft brush & bring the layer opacity to 60%. The effect of it will look like:

Copy the water layer two times, place the copied layer to left & right to main water layer, as shown, and set layer opacity to lower than original water layer for making depth.

Again copy the real water layer, reduce it to small piece & place it to center & then enlarge layer opacity to 100%:

Place these 2 arranged layers on top of all marked layers:



& you will get such effect, this is the place where the text is going to be place.

Step  2:

Place a text on the canvas that you want with any style:

Lay upon blending options on this text layer:  Bevel & Emboss

Gradient Overlay: