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Best Largest Free Cloud Storage

In this article we will tell you about the best largest free Cloud storage providers. Complete discussion about it follows under:

Even a few years ago cloud storage has been something that was unheard of. But now software technology has taken such leaps that now we have cloud storage facilities that sync folders and files across various devices like PC’s and smartphones. The distant hard drive not only allows a lot of space for storage that reduces the burden on your computer but also allows you access from wherever necessary.

Here are names of some good cloud storage service providers-


MediaFire is in the market since it has offered an exceptionally high free space. It is 50GB for free, and it works excellent with Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It is also compatible with mobile apps like on Android and iOS. But the drawback is that the amount of uploads is merely 200GB. If you are cool with it, then this is the best cloud storage you have ever got!

Google Drive

If you do not want highly integrated and customized service and looking for something that is cheap yet allows space for growth, Google Drive can be your ideal choice. It has a good concoction of features, and it is operational with both Windows and Mac users. It is also compatible with iOS and Android devices and has a web manager. With 5GB of free space,  you may say that it does not look exceptionally lucrative, but how many companies offer free storage more than that? You might even check out the plan of 25GB costing $2.50 monthly and 100GB costing $5 is not a hefty amount too!


The name of Mega is important in this list because this also allows 50GB of free space. Good enough for those who need a locker, but those who are interested in uploads may not find it extremely convenient because it allows only 300MB for uploads. If you increase the size, then you may have to pay $15 for the same space.


Dropbox offer 2GB of free space or 50GB at the rate of $100 annually. But its added features like app integration, unlimited mobile and desktop uploads have been quite beneficial for many. It has a good background history. What people like most that for every referral one gets an added free space of up to 18GB. It may not be the best deal, but it is definitely a transparent and neat deal free from bullshits!


In various ways, iCloud is nothing out of the lot. It too offers stereotype 5GB of free space with 25GB at $10 a month which feels somewhat expensive. But the reason why it is sought after is that it has a deep OS X integration which makes heavy users extremely convenient to use it. It has the capability to handle iOS backup and sync in contacts, notes, calendars, mails and other applications. So if you own an iPhone this is the best for you. However, this is available for Mac users only.


Just as iCloud is to Mac, SkyDrive is to Windows OS. It has been created by Microsoft and, so it is obvious that Windows 8, as well as other versions of Microsoft Operating System, will work excellent with it. It allows 7GB of free storage, but for extending your space, you will have to pay additionally. For 20GB, you will have to pay $15 annually, 50GB $25 annually, and for 100GB, it will cost you $50 a year. Uploads being restricted to 2GB some people grumble but if you see all sides of the coin you will not deny that this is a highly good deal especially if you are using Windows 8 OS.


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