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Use Bluetooth handset with PC

In this article we will tell you how to use Bluetooth handset with PC. Complete discussion about it follows under:

Bluetooth is a device which provides wireless connection for transmitting data over short distance, which can be received either from the mobile devices or via the fixed land line connections. It is managed by the Bluetooth special interest group, which takes care of more than 18,000 members in the area of the telecommunication, networking, consumer electronics etc. In the starting the Bluetooth was standardized with the IEEE 802.15.1, but as the technology moved they dropped the standard pattern.

On connecting a Bluetooth device to the computer or laptop, the user gets the freedom of using the wireless connection. It could be used to transfer media and files, print over the air, also can streamline some of the accessories with wireless for better services, and also the Bluetooth enabled mobile devices for the purpose of the internet connections.

Let’s go through the steps which need to be followed for synchronizing a Bluetooth device with PC.

  • Before entering into the control panel of the Bluetooth, user should ensure that both the device computer and phone are paired and talking. Once the user has paired both the devices, they can open the panel and browse to printers and devices, by clicking on the shortcut menu –which is pinned on the Start Menu.
  • When users reach there, they need to double click on the name of their mobile device, when user has completed the process -it will open the control panel of the Bluetooth device. It will be showing the user with some interesting facts and features at the top of the window –which covers the transferring the files from one place to another.
  • For sending the files to user phone, click on the option –which displays-“send files to the phone”. This action will kick off a Bluetooth FTP wizard. From here the user will have to browse and select the file which needs to be sent. The best part is that there is no restriction with the number of files.  When the selection has been completed, user just needs to click on the send option.
  • The user will next be prompted to accept the file transfer which has taken place. Once the user accepts it the device will be showing the starting of the and on PC it will show the progress bar-which depicts that how much amount of data has been transferred.
  • Finally when the transfer is completed, the progress bar will disappear and the user will be directed towards the control panel of the Bluetooth.
  •  While sending the files from your mobile device to computer.  The user should select the file and click on the send option-where the user will have to mention the name of the computer device on which intends to send. In this case as well, the phone and the PC should be paired before moving ahead.
  • On the computer the user will receive the notification mentioning “Request for FTP file Access Permissions” –click on that window and will view that it disappears in few minutes automatically. But in case user has not responded swiftly  the process will fail automatically
  • After the window is clicked- user will come across the “Bluetooth file transfer access authorization”. In this there will be different options available and the default one is already clicked- which specifies “For the current request only”. In case user wish to do more transfers then can select the appropriate according to him. When selection is over- click on ok. The transfer is processed but in this case no progress bar is shown.

One thumb rule to be followed while connecting your PC with the Bluetooth is- every user should go through the gadget guide before implementing the new technique as they provide detailed steps and guidance on how users can make the most of their newly acquired gadget.


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