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How Do You Hide Annoying Friends on Facebook

In this article we discuss about how do you hide annoying friends on Facebook. Complete discussion about it follows under:

‘All that glitters is not gold.’ This ancient saying holds well with internet world. We make many friends on this world. Social networking sites are the goldmines to make new friends almost every day. Once we are into these websites, our friends list grows bigger and bigger. Such large numbers of friends give us a sense of pride particularly when all of them post messages on our walls on our birthday.

But every time, we may not be having pleasant surprises alone. At times, certain harsh realities shall hit us harder than ever. Unfortunately a small argument or difference of opinions can make those friends who looked sober and shared some warmth with us previously to become really annoying and not worth to be friends any more. There could be plenty of other reasons best known to them for becoming so annoying.

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and the annoying persons list is as huge as its member base. Once being a member there, plenty of games requests, spam wall posts et al welcome us. There could be rants of marketing materials that could flood on our walls uninformed. All these would create an unpleasant experience for us.

So, how do you avoid annoying friends on Facebook?

There are few simple steps that would behoove in preparing ourselves to fight against the annoying elements-

  • Move the cursor to the right side of the comment posted by a friend that you wish to hide.
  • You would see X mark on the right top corner of the comment. A tooltip message ‘Hide’ would be displayed for your understanding.
  • Click on this X sign and the comment would be hidden from appearing on your wall.
  • Once a comment is hidden, you would be shown with 4 more options i.e. (1) Unhide; (2) Report; (3) Block [User Name]; (4) Give [User Name] Feedback.
  • You can choose the most befitting action from the above.
  • If you choose Block option, the user or friend would be barred from performing actions like viewing your wall, tagging you in messages or photos, invite you to events and initiating conversation with you.
  • Another way to block an annoying friend is – Click on the Privacy Shortcuts icon that appears next to your profile name.
  • Click on “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” message.
  • Type the name of email id of the users and press enter.

There are other types of annoying situations like rampant gaming requests or event invitations or apps requests from the friends. You can do away with these maddening requests by blocking them. Following are the steps to block these unnecessary requests from appearing on your wall.

  • Go to the Privacy Settings. You can access these settings by clicking on the tool icon that appears next to your profile name.
  • You would find “Blocking” option in the left hand side menu. Click on that.
  • Now you can see Block users, Block app invites, Block event invites and Block apps options.
  • Follow the simple instructions given there.

Now, you are free from the annoying friends and invitations and can peacefully enjoy your social networking.


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