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How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

Why did I choose to write on how to make money online without paying anything? Because I have seen many getting trapped into scams by paying registration amount, doing hard work for days and months, and ending up getting blocked by the person who offered them the job. Frankly, this happened to me too. Though the amount of registration was not much in my case, from the incident, I learned one thing, ”Never pay anything to anyone only to make money online”.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

And this was when I started researching more on making money online without paying anything, and after getting successful, here I am to help you all with the ideas to make money online without paying. Plus, we all know that the Corona Pandemic not only impacted our health but it also affected every third professional’s jobs. The small business entrepreneurs were also affected by it. Since India’s first lockdown, many of us are looking for money-making methods offline or online.

So, for all the people who lost their jobs or are looking for online work or the homemakers who feel this is the time, they should start doing something productive and earn. Just read the complete article to know various methods of how to make money online without paying anything. These methods will help you earn a decent income, depending on the time and effort you put in. Without any delay, let’s get to it and invest your time in the method suitable for you. 


Motivate Yourself & Make Money Without Paying Anything

Here’s something to motivate you a bit. Have you heard of CarryMinati? No? That’s fine. I will tell you a bit about him. CarryMinati is an Indian Youtuber, and his real name is Ajey Nagar, who dropped out of school to pursue his career as a Youtuber. He started posting videos of recorded video games and his reactions to the game on his youtube channel at a very young age. Currently, he is the most subscribed individual creator on YouTube, with 28 million subscribers on his channel. 

Another example of Harsh Agrawal, Founder of ShoutMeLoud, found his passion for writing when he met with an accident and, consequently, bedridden for 6 months. He started his own blog, and now he is earning more than $40000 every month. Now tell me, Didn’t these stories motivate you? Yes, right? What say? Can you do it? Yes, of Of course. You just need to spend time, sell your skill, and have a passion for doing something. 


How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

There are various ways and methods to make money without paying anything, and here in the article, I will tell you about 20 such ideas to earn money online. Remember that these methods are tried and tested.


The first & foremost method which comes into everyone’s mind while looking for online opportunities is Freelancing. Being a freelancer myself, I know this is the fastest and easiest way to make money without paying anything. If you have not heard this word before, let me tell you that a Freelancer is a self-employed person. It simply means you are not working under any person or a company, and you have no boss or employer. Since you are providing your services using your skills, you are your own boss, as you can work from home at your convenient time.

How can you be a Freelancer?

Firstly, think about what you are good at. It can be anything from the services written below:

  • Content Writing
  • Photography
  • Video-Photo Editing
  • Web Designing
  • Proofreading
  • Resume Making
  • Correcting Search Engine Issues or Mistakes
  • Data Entry
  • Converting Files from PDF to Word
  • Voice Over and much more.

Secondly, create an impressive profile with your skillset and your previous work (if any) on various sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc. Select the pricing depending on the service you are offering, give them the time of submission and wait for the contracts and clients.

Most importantly, you should have patience because you might not receive an order for the first few days, but let me tell you that you are all good to go, and you are not far from making money online once you start getting clients and reviews from those satisfied clients.

Start Your Own Blog

If you love writing, it is the best way and time to start your own blog. If I talked about my personal experience, I loved to write about my child, so I created one parenting blog and started writing my experiences and advice. What’s more important is that you do not have to be a tech-savvy person to start this blogging journey. 

How you will earn & What you will need to Start Your Blog

All you need is a passion for writing, domain, and hosting to get started for the self-hosted WordPress. And with a bit of time, dedication, determination, and hard work, you can start earning within 2-3 months. to give.

There are many ways on how to make money online without paying anything by starting your own blog; some of them are;

Job Boards

Once your blog becomes famous, you can add a job board to your blog. Adding it will attract the advertisers, and they may start placing their advertisement, for which you can charge from them depending on the days or ads.

Google Adsense

Again, it is one of the best ideas to make money online without paying; however, to earn from Google AdSense, your site traffic should be good enough. But once you start getting the traffic, it will be a popular income generator for you as Google will pay you when any of your site visitors views or clicks on the ad on your page. 

Affiliate Programs

This is the simplest way; just sign up for an affiliate program like Amazon affiliate, Clickbank, etc., and promote their products. How? Think of some products or services related to your blog, generate your affiliate links of those products, write their reviews, publish on your webpage with your affiliate links and get the commission on each sale. So simple.

Product Sales

Apart from affiliate programs, if you have the products available with you, you can turn your blog into a store and start selling your own products online. You can also create an ebook and start offering it to your readers at a reasonable price.

Guest Post

I will take one example to make you understand it better. You have your own blog, and you wrote about any product like various Sanitary Pads Brands, and your article is ranking on Google. There are chances that a new brand would want to add its brand in your article to promote it and to reach the readers, against which you can ask for any amount varying between $50 to $400.

However, you need the two most powerful warriors if you want to make money without paying anything, and they are; ‘Patience’ & ‘Time,’ so have patience and keep going until you succeed.

Be a Youtuber

You must be knowing that Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you have expertise in creating videos or have something to show to the world, it is one of the best ideas to make money online without paying. Many people are earning an excellent income out of their youtube videos and channel. I have already told you one example of CarryMinati.

What do you need to do and How will you earn?

Becoming a YouTuber is very much similar to a blogger. You only have to select the right niche, create original videos of anything from product reviews to funny dogs to babies to cooking to exercise, etc. Once you reach the target audiences and have enough subscribers, you can earn from AdSense, sponsorship, affiliate programs. An affiliate program is the same thing that you can put your links in the description box.

Become a Virtual Assistant (VA)

This is another best and easy way of how to make money online without paying anything. Various bloggers and small entrepreneurs need help with their routine work. There are chances that they cannot handle multiple tasks themselves or are not very social media savvy. So, they hire a virtual assistant. It is the same as an assistant job, but virtually wherein you will perform various tasks for the person who hired you. It is a freelancing job; however, the person may employ you for a longer or based on a monthly salary. 

How to Be a Virtual Assistant and What are the Tasks?

You can sign up on various sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, AssistantMatch, etc., and register yourself as a Virtual Assistant. There are some of the tasks that VA takes:

  • Creating Images for Blogs
  • Email Management 
  • Set appointments and meetings
  • Social Media Management
  • Follow up with different stakeholders
  • Publishing the Blogs
  • Any documentation tasks
  • Moderating Comments
  • Data entry tasks, etc.

Online Paid Surveys

Since you are here to check how to make money online without paying anything, this is another way to make it by just filling surveys online. Some market research companies collect data based on those surveys on people’s interests and accordingly plan their business. Several websites offer online paid surveys; however, I would recommend choosing only trustworthy sites that allow you to fill surveys without any registration fees.

Some companies or sites are fraud which let you fill a survey by taking some registration amount and running away without paying you anything. Many survey companies will send you free products to try, and in return, they will ask you for your opinions or reviews on their products through these surveys. This is the simplest and easiest way to make money online without paying anything. However, it won’t make you rich, but yes, you can earn a few hundred dollars with it.

This will be the last method to make money online in my recommendation. If you are unable to find any other work online, make sure you register on multiple survey sites so you can generate good income in the meantime.

Make Money Without Paying Anything from Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is trending, and people are not only using it to share their personal thoughts, pictures, or videos; they also use it to earn money. Like bloggers and YouTubers, you need to target the right audience and create a post or content that viewers are actually looking for. There are many ways to make money online from your Instagram account; however, you need to have enough followers.

Here are some ways of how to make money online without paying anything from Instagram.

Become an Affiliate

Similar to the point I mentioned in method 2, you can generate your affiliate link and put it in your Instagram bio. However, it will be limited to one product since Instagram doesn’t let you place the links anywhere except Bio. So, here you can create promo codes for the products and share them in your post.

Sell Your Services

Like Freelancing, you can sell your photography, editing, writing skills, etc., by posting on your Instagram account story or post. Maybe some of your followers are looking for the same services you are offering.

Open your Own Instagram Store

Here, I am giving you some examples; if you are an art and craft lover, you can make your products and keep sharing them in your Instagram account and start selling. You can also make videos of DIYs (Do It Yourself) and share them. Plus, if you have a friend or known who owns physical clothing, jewelry store, you can make them a partner and sell their products on your Instagram account by posting the product pictures and, in return, get a commission for every sale.

Paid Promotions

If you have enough and active followers, you can take up paid promotions from the brand owners who will pay you for promoting their brands on your Instagram page or stories.

Online Consultancy Business

Though I could not start one because I do not have any such consultant service available, I know it can help you earn a decent income. This is one of the best ideas to make money online without paying anything. If you are good at making people understand the good and bad things about anything like alcohol, marriage problems, smartphone addiction, you should undoubtedly try to enter this online business.

Not only these social issues, but you can also help people with a wide range of topics like computer or technology-related issues, SEOs, accountancy, etc. There are various mobile applications regarding astrology. If you are good at it, start registering on such sites or apps and providing your services. Simply spread about your business via social media friends, groups, LinkedIn accounts, and get clients.

Play Video Games

Wow! Can video games also help you earn? Yes! They can. Many people are already earning good only by playing video games. If you are a gamer and spend most of your time playing video games, this is for you. So, turn this hobby into your career and start making money without paying anything. Successful streamers can earn up to $5,000 per month from their subscribers.

What you have to do?

Play video games and stream them live on Facebook gaming, Youtube, Twitch and get paid via advertising revenues. Twitch is the most popular video game live streaming service, which has already turned several gamers into a millionaire. Moreover, several mobile applications allow you to play games and earn a bit by winning them. They also arrange many tournaments that enable you to participate and win cash prizes. However, such applications don’t let you earn much, but you will definitely make a small amount of money.

Browse the Internet

Did you know you can earn from what you always do and enjoy, i.e., what you are doing right now; Browsing the Internet? Yes, this is true! Some sites allow you to earn rewards for browsing your favorite websites every day. You can use those rewards for online shopping or buying your groceries. You can also encash those rewards on PayPal, provided the sites are allowing it.

See, there is no extra work required at your end. You literally do not have to do anything except research on the internet. You can even get paid for taking surveys, watching videos, reading emails, shopping online, playing games, etc. Some of those sites are Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Smart Panel, etc. There is one Brave browser that you can install on your PC and get the bitcoin against your web search.

Work as an Online Tutor

Are you interested in teaching? If Yes, you should start making a course on anything you are an expert in and sell them on Udemy. It doesn’t matter which industry you belong to; you can go for it if you have any expertise like cooking, pet training, subjective knowledge of English, maths, science, writing, web designing, SEO, etc. You just have to register yourself as a tutor or instructor in Udemy, prepare a course and start selling it at a price depending on the course itself.

Additionally, if you have good knowledge of any subject, you can become a subject matter expert by passing a Chegg exam. Chegg is an education technology company that allows you to become a tutor and provide a solution to students worldwide. So, register on it, solve the questions and get paid a good amount of income.


This is another best and easiest way of how to make money online without paying anything. It is a simple procedure to start dropshipping. You have to create a free WordPress website and start listing any products you like from other online stores. Share them as much as you can through social media, and once you get an order, receive the amount from the customer, keep your profit amount and place an order from that online store itself.

If you are an Indian, you must have heard of Meesho App. They are into the same kind of reselling business. Let me tell you how this works. You just have to share the products available on Meesho with your friends, family, or known via social media. Tell them the price with your margin added to it. If they like any product, receive the amount from them, place an order online on their behalf using the app, and Meesho will send the product directly to the customer. If the customer is placing a COD order, Meesho will transfer your margin amount to your bank account.

Make Money Online Without Paying Anything from Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook has become very popular for online business, and many are already earning in 5-6 digits by sharing their content on Facebook pages. How do they earn with content sharing? With the Ads shown to their viewers! While scrolling the FB, you must have seen that many videos show ads before starting, in between, or in the form of images. So, these are the ads that generate revenue for the content creators. Also, there is a Facebook Marketplace where you can promote your existing business and get more customers.

What do you need to do?

Firstly, if you are a content creator and video making interests you, only then start with this as you may require much patience as you would have to create content on your own. Now, if you think this online money-making method is for you, then go ahead and create a Facebook page. Increase its Followers by at least 10,000. Check your Page’s eligibility in Facebook Creator Studio, meet their monetization policies, and start publishing the videos on your page with the advertisements.

There is another simple method for Facebook users; If you already own a page with Millions of followers, you can start getting money from the other page owners who want to increase the reach and viewers for their videos by publishing them on your page.

Manage Social Media Profiles

This is somewhat similar to becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA); however, you might have to perform many tasks if you are a VA. But this method allows you to manage other people’s social media accounts only. Many small entrepreneurs or businesses who either don’t know how to handle social media or do not have enough time can hire people who can manage their social media accounts on their behalf. They can hire you on monthly packages as well.

Your services may involve:

  • Creating and scheduling posts for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Reach the target audience.
  • Interacting with followers.
  • Creating graphics to be used in social media posts.

So, if you think you can be an influencer and impact the purchase decisions of anyone through your ads and recommendations on social media, then you should go for it and give it a try.

Make Money Online Using Print-on-Demand (POD) Service

If you are an artist, creative, and love designing, this will be one of the best ideas to make money online without paying, and you will get the opportunity to monetize your creativity. From clothing to posters, backpacks to books to any other accessory, you can put your designs on those products and sell them online.

How does this work?

It is a kind of dropshipping business, wherein you will work with the supplier. Sign up for POD service, design the product using their tools, and put them on your site for sale, or you can contact the local suppliers for the same. Once the customer places an order, the POD company prints the design on the product, ships it to the customer, charges them and pays you your share. Printful, Printify, Zazzle, TeePublic, Redbubble, Sunfrog, Merch by Amazon, and Teespring offer these services. And Merch by Amazon is the world’s biggest POD company that allows you to earn a decent income.


If you love photography or have photo editing skills, you can use it to make money online without paying any money. Some photographers who take many photos, like weddings or functions, can offer you this job because they do not have much time to edit the images. You can also sell this service on Fiverr or Upwork and share the screenshots of before and after photos to show them your caliber of editing skills.

Apart from this, you can make money by listing your photographs and videos on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock. The photo can be anything, from food to landscapes, a person, any scenery, etc. As soon as any customer downloads your listed picture, these sites will pay you. You can also click the photo of anything you like, i.e., food, animals, birds, etc., and share them on your social media pages like Instagram or Facebook. There are chances that people will love those photos and may buy them from you. So, isn’t it the simplest way? But, again, patience is a key here.

Be a Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer

I believe this will be the last thing that will come to your mind to make money online without paying any money. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel very few people think of being a Yoga instructor, that too, using online platforms. Yes, it is easy. If you have Yoga expertise and are a workout freak, know how to do every pose correctly with its benefits, then think of becoming a Yoga Instructor or Personal Trainer.

How can you do that?

All you have to do is tell more people about it using your social media platforms like Facebook feed, Facebook groups, Instagram, etc. Tell your neighbors, friends, family, or colleagues that you will be starting Yoga classes and invite them to join you. I would recommend you start with less fee and gradually increase it as per the results you are getting. So, you see, it is the simplest and easiest way to make money online.

Rent Out Your Stuff

You haven’t heard about this before, right? And it seems like there is nothing to do with online platforms. But here, you’re mistaken. Why? Because nowadays, there are various sites and mobile applications that allow you to rent out your stuff like clothing, artificial jewelry, extra space at your home, a vehicle that you do not drive much, furniture, baby-related items like cots, bouncers, sports equipment, etc.

All you have to do is register on such sites, start listing out your stuff to lend, quote the price and make money online without paying any money. Similarly, some sites and apps allow you to sell your used items without paying anything. It will be better if you own something that you do not use anymore; list them at such sites to earn a good income. Moreover, if you own a property somewhere in the city where tourists are more, you can probably list those on Airbnb and potentially make some extra money.

Make Money Online With Microtasks

Several different micro-tasking websites allow you to earn money without paying anything by completing simple & quick tasks like data validation, moderating content, filling CAPTCHA, basic research, translation, data collection, categorizing data, etc. Though you’ll earn a small amount for each task, you’ll complete a large volume of tasks in less time. Like online survey filling jobs, they do not make you rich, but you will get a side income for sure.

What should you do?

Sign up for a few different tasking websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, Sequence Works, InboxDollars, etc. Check the available tasks and start working as much or as little as you can. As I said earlier, these tasks don’t pay you much, so I would recommend creating an account on multiple sites to have more available jobs. The best part of these jobs is that they are flexible to work on, and you can work a few hours, or just a few minutes, whenever you have some spare time.

Test Websites & Make Money Online Without Paying Any Money

Another best way to make money online is to get paid by testing websites and apps and give them feedback. Why do they pay you for this? Many apps and sites are getting launched every day. They need to get user feedback on testing everything from designs, the functionality of their sites and apps, how the interface works, usability, and the looks of their site for improvements if there is any.

What can you do?

There are several different websites where you can sign up as a tester and start getting the assignments. Share your feedback as per the guidelines, and earn a decent income. The testing may involve recording audio or video while you’re using the site or app. Remember that there are some sites where you may need to take and pass a qualification test that shows you understand the process and requirements. Once you qualify, you will start getting opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Making Money Online

  • What is the best way to make money online without paying any money?

Now you know that there are various methods to make money online, it is up to you to decide which one to go for. Most importantly, All you need is Patience because if you think you will start earning an excellent income in the first few days itself, you may be mistaken. There is a chance of luck as well; no wonder you can get an order on the first day itself. So, have Patience and do your best.

  • What are the trending ways to make money online?

Nowadays, Instagram & Facebook business is trending. You can start promoting your or your friend’s business there and start getting more customers. Apart from this, Youtube and Affiliate Marketing are good options to start as they will give you long-term income, and once you are recognized, you may need not spend more time on these as they will keep giving you a decent income.



Conclusively, I would say, all the methods described above of making money online without paying anything are tried & tested. Though there are many other ways, like creating eBooks, Android apps, and much more, I feel the methods mentioned above are worth spending your time on & giving some a try. Moreover, I would recommend you to stick to one method until you get the results. Yes, you can try two at a time if you have spare time. The only point is, do not go for every option at one go which is the common mistake people make, and they end up wasting their time getting nothing.

Always remember, Patience is the key to success, and all things are difficult before they become easy. However, all the methods have the simplest and easiest way to make money online without paying any money. So, Have Patience, it might be bitter, but its fruits will definitely be sweet. So, start earning today and help & inspire others to achieve. All the Best!

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