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How to Install Windows 8 Theme on Ubuntu

In this article we will tell you how to install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu. Here’s the complete procedure:

Ubuntu is one of the most popular, free operating systems for desktop machines and expected to be used by more than 20 million people all over the world. It also offers OS solutions for phones, tablets, TV and servers as well. The latest desktop version that is currently running is 13.04 and the same is available in personal, business and developer versions. This OS is quite popular with the users who look for alternative software for commercial operating systems and stands the third most popular free OS software.

Ubuntu supports standard features like web browsing, music and games, social and email platforms, photos, videos and office applications. It also supports cloud storing as well. The Software Center of Ubuntu offers many gaming and education apps. Some of them are free while others need to be purchased. Its office applications are compatible with Microsoft Office thus enabling easy sync of the files from MS Office. On the other hand, Obuntu gives an open invitation for the developers to try their hand in developing cool apps.

At times, users would have an urge to install an amazing theme of another operating system but they would not know how to sync the different systems to have the installation done successfully. If you are an user of Ubuntu but wants to have a Windows 8 theme installed on your desktop you can follow the below steps to get your wish fulfilled.

Installation of Windows 8 Theme in Ubuntu 13.04

  • First of all, get the zip files of the Windows 8 theme that you wish to install.
  • Each theme that you are downloading might be in need of additional files to be downloaded without which the installation would fail. Hence read the requirements before downloading it on to your desktop.
  • Now navigate these files to the root of Ubuntu 13.04 installation. Remember that you should root them to the ‘Home’ of Ubuntu.
  • Open terminal and access the download folder or the folder which has been created by the theme software.
  • Run the Windows theme installer as per the instructions given by the theme developer.

With this you should be able to install your favorite Windows 8 theme.

As specified earlier this installation guide is written for the users of Ubutun 13.04. For lower version of this OS the procedure could vary a little bit.

Hope this article about how to install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu helped you.

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