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How to Identify Your Xbox 360 Slim Drive

In this article we will tell you how to identify your Xbox 360 slim drive. Here’s the complete details:

Xbox 360 – one of the most talked about game console developed by Microsoft in race against Sony’s PlayStation 3 to stream the market with highest sales and it did well. The product has been sold in number of millions worldwide. The features of playing multiple types of games, connecting and playing online and downloading games has marked it as better option in buying game consoles. The hardware consists of a console of white or black color with a port to plug in external hard disk with the internal components containing of 3 core processor and ATI graphics card to support all games. The services offered by the same include Xbox live, Xbox live market place, Xbox live arcade and Xbox video.

The Xbox 360 has many components and out of which we would describe and help you on how to locate and identify your slim drive. The term slim drive is nothing but a DVD drive of different models. This is developed by different corporations and has different model name and number. This can be checked by opening the DVD tray which does not come under warranty violation. Now the companies developing the slim drives are listed as: Toshiba-Samsung, Hitachi, Philips-BENQ, Philips-lite and Hitachi-LG. There are different model numbers according to the company make and detailing.

To identify your slim drive one of the easiest ways is to locate the serial number and LOT number on the back side or flip side of the console, with the help of both the numbers you will be able to identify the manufacturer. One more way to find out the maker of the some of the slim drive is by identifying the date like after and before certain dates the different model are made and released in the market. This would take some research work in finding out the release date. The better way to identify your slim drive is to open DVD tray and look for the shape of the DVD drive. According to company make there are different shapes of DVD drives like some have straight line in between the disc, some have different type of cuts in between and some have out cuts in between. So this would really easy and handy to find out the manufacturer of the slim drive.  Also some of the slim drive comes accordingly to the Xbox 360 model that is with the model release you may identify the slim drive maker.

So the above describes on the various ways of finding out your slim drive with different methods and to find out the correct manufacturer. These are the traditional and possible ways to google out your details on the type of slim drive being used by your Xbox 360 make. Buying a device and using it is everybody’s cup of tea but to find out the fact of the same device would be hard research part for some of us and so to ease out the above information would really save your time and energy.



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