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Clean Corrupted Silverlight Installation

In this article we will tell you about clean corrupted Silverlight installation. Here’s the complete details:

Silverlight is a powerful Microsoft in-house application which delivers rich interactive media experiences and business applications for the web and mobile applications. It is a plug-in developed by .NET Framework and is available for free in all the major browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Window’s Internet Explorer. Some of the features of Silverlight include IIS Smooth Streaming, cross-platform and cross-border support, deep zooming ability, powerful built-in controls like textbox, checkbox, radio button etc., supports 3D graphics, pixel shades, animation, and many other such features. Sometimes you face difficulties in installing; re-installing this application and it does not work properly. The following posts will solve many of your queries.

Firstly, it is important to know whether you have this application running in your computer. For that you need to either open up your browser and check on the plug-ins section or go to your systems search option and type ‘Silverlight’ and you will get the results.

Next, to know the version of Silverlight in your system, go to to know which version you are using. There you will also find links to upgrade your current version if you are not using the latest version.

If some websites are asking you to install this application or upgrade it, which you have already done then check whether Silverlight is enabled. You can do so by opening your browser again and checking if it is enabled. If the results show that Silverlight is enabled in your systems, then may be you are using a corrupted version of the Silverlight. You may also come across the following:

  • Silverlight does not work as expected
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Silverlight
  • Uninstall Silverlight
  • Install Silverlight.

If several attempts of restarting and upgrading your system yield the same results, then your Silverlight plug-in is corrupt.

There are two options of solving these problems. If it is not being possible to install or uninstall Silverlight then click on the ‘Fix it’ button and Microsoft will solve the installing problem. If any issues are found, they will be solved automatically and if there were no issues, you will be offered to download Silverlight again. After Fix it tool has solved the issues click on the following link  to download the latest version of Silverlight. There is also a ‘Let me fix it myself’ section where you have to go through the few steps as given in Microsoft support website to solve the issue. If the Fix it tool doesn’t solve the problem there are few troubleshooting steps given in . Go for them. In some cases the problem is due to incompatible browsers or operating systems. Uninstalling and then again visiting the Silverlight website to download the latest version is what is needed to be done. For uninstalling Silverlight, follow instructions from the given link Go to control panel and uninstall the program. Click on the same link to download the latest version and restart your computer. Open the latest versions of Mozilla or Chrome and see whether Silverlight is enabled in the plug-ins.



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