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How to Solve Windows 8 Crashes in Less Than a Minute

In this article we will tell you how to solve Windows 8 crashes in less than a minute. Here’s the complete details: 

Windows 8 is the state-of-the-art and highly improvised operating system from Microsoft that has hit the stands recently. Microsoft boasts of more than ten thousand modifications done in this latest OS. But this advanced OS too is not free from crashes. Windows 8 alone cannot be blamed for such fall over as the crashes are most often triggered by third party tools and drivers.

As part of their constant endeavors to offer excellent product to their users, Microsoft has come with WinDbg which is a debugger freeware being distributed by the company. This tool can be used for various debugging needs like applications, drivers including the OS itself in kernel mode. This is one of the best tools to diagnose and fix the errors caused by third party applications.

Why operating systems crash?

There are two reasons for the crash of an operating system i.e. (1) due to failure of third party applications and (2) as a security measure to halt the bad applications that are identified as viruses.

Those third party applications that which can access kernel for performing their tasks can misbehave while doing so. This would become root cause of OS crash.

On the other hand, operating systems are designed in such way that they not only monitor the utilization of system resources but also take corrective steps in safeguarding it.

As part of its corrective action, operating system creates a memory dump that will have the snap shot of the incidents at which a system has failed to perform. From this dump, users can understand the causes and take remedial measures. But it would be a daunting task for most of the users to do the recovery with manual labor.

How Windows 8 solves OS crashes?How to Solve Windows 8 Crashes in Less Than a Minute

Windows 8 uses the ‘Blue screen of Death’ to inform the user about an impending crash of the OS. Also, as part of its improvisation process, Microsoft has enhanced the creation and management processes of dump files.

Take the below precautions while installing Windows 8 as they could become critical during crash recovery process.

  • Ensure that the OS is configured to have the correct memory dump settings.
  • Download and install WinDbg. You must be known that this free tool does not come by default with Windows 8.

Running WinDbg to recover from a crash

When the OS has crashed and a need arises to use WinDbg, follow the below steps to recover the system:

  • Right click on the WinDbg icon from Windows 8 user interface.
  • Now you would see an option called ‘Run as administrator.” Click on it and run the program.
  • WinDbg would the needful for you.
  • If you want to know about the root cause that has triggered the OS to crash, then launch the application and from the menu select ‘Open crash dump’. This would let you know the reasons for crashing.
  • If you are shown with usual messages like Warning or Error the problem is very simple. But if it shows additional message next to them, then it is important to read them completely.

That is it. Your Windows 8 OS is back to normalcy and ready to run as usual.



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