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How to Hack Windows 8 Lock Screen

In this article we will tell you about how to hack Windows 8 lock screen. Here’s the complete information about it.

There has been some significant changes in the Windows 8- latest OS from Microsoft. For example,  the start menu no longer exists; instead there is the Start screen and a lock screen. The lock screen is a highly new concept, and it was not part of the other versions. It has several uses especially it saves the computer and OS from unauthorized use. But many users are of not this opinion, and there are instances where people have found it to be a hindrance rather than a help. This is the reason people like to hide it or remove it from the start-up menu.

But even though we intend to avoid it there is no authorized way for you to get rid of it and the only way you might do this is by hacking the Windows 8 registry. The registry is an integrate part of the operating system and contains very crucial information pertaining to settings. But if done in a proper way the process is safe and is the only way to disable lock screen Windows 8.

Caution: Configuring a registry key is not everyone’s cup of tea. So amateurs and novices stay away from it. But those who have technical knowledge can do it without hindrance.

Create Registry Back up

Now, the first step will be to create a backup of the registry before hacking it. This is especially for people who are hacking back-ups for the first time. A registry cleaner application can be downloaded from the internet for free, and this may keep a backup for you. For those who have already played pranks with registries, do not need to worry because as far as safety is concerned, it is completely safe.

How to Hack Windows 8 Lock Screen

Hacking Registry

1. Start Windows 8 registry in administrator mode. To get this effect you will have to: either open the charms bar search or click win+Q and enter password regedit.

2. Now in the results that appear you will have to right click on regedit.exe and then choose Run as administrator from the bottom app menu.

3. Now in the registry editor look out for the following key.


4. Now by right clicking at the windows key make another key. Name it as the personalization key.

5. Once the personalization key has been created, right click and create a new value for DWORD (32-bit).

6. Now rename it to NoLockScreen setting the value at 1. As you have set the value at 1, the lock screen will be disabled and will not show the next time you boot-up your computer. Just check and you will not notice it anymore.

7. At any point of time if you wish to bring the lock screen back you can either change the value from 1 to 0, or simply delete the personalization/NoLockScreen key.

How to Lock Down the Lock Screen Image

Very often the same PC is used by multiple people. In this case, each one can customize their lock screen. This is how you can stop others from changing the image in lock screen-

1. Open the run bar by pressing Windows key + R. Press Enter after typing gpedit.msc. This will open the Local Policy Editor.

2. Now from Computer Configuration go to administrative templates, then to control panel, then to personalization.

3. Now choose prevent changing lock screen image and double click on it. Select enabled in the option that appears and then enter/OK with a click.

4. Exit Local Policy Editor because you have successfully prevented others from changing the lock screen image.



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