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How to fix wireless connection on laptop windows 8

In this article we will tell you how to fix wireless connection on laptop windows 8. Here’s the complete procedure.

Wireless connection or network refers to the connectivity protocol which is free of any wire and delivered OTA (Over the air)It is one of the most popular solutions used by many organizations, home offices , telecommunications networks and businesses for the installation for avoiding the costly processes for the introduction of the cables into the buildings or wide range of connections between various locations.

They are implemented and monitored by using radio communications. The implementation takes place at the level of the physical layer with respect to the OSI Model for the network Structure. Although the wireless access points are quite close to the humans but still there is lots of drops in the power due to the distance , which does follow the inverse-Square Law.

In case if your windows 8 wireless is not working then there are three best options which you can try out for your systems or the How to fix wireless connection on laptop windows 8laptops.First one, the household solution – by using the method of solve the win 8 connect bug of the network with win 8 wireless settings, second through which it can be solved is reset the TCP/IP process of the stack and the last one is the Reinstallations process.

To continue with the wireless settings of the windows 8 one has to click on the start Button on the system. From there you need to move to the Device manager. Where you will have to expand the option of the Network adapters and then further click on the properties.

When you reach to the Device manager, then surely you should click on the driver tab-> choose for the updating the drivers->then click on the ok button. Check if that solves the problem. In case connectivity problem still persists then maybe you will have to try once again by reinstalling the Windows 8 drivers for the wireless connections from the manufacturers of the website.

Another option which can be looked into is by Resetting the TCP/IP Stack. The Pre-requisite for the connection is to check for the wireless adapter. You need to check whether the same is available or not. And if it’s available then follow the next instructions. Move towards the TCP/IP stack and then reset it. Either click on the option “Fix it for me”, or else you can get it fixed it yourself by looking at the instructions mentioned with the Microsoft knowledge kit available.

In case the above two methods doesn’t ease your Wi-Fi pain then you should move ahead with the third option which is Reinstallation. Once you have re-done the OS, you should definitely upgrade the Win8 Driver of the Wireless adapter from the site which has been mentioned for the installations purposes or from the manufacturer’s website e.g Linksys, NetGear, Realtek etc

Another important fact is that if you want your windows 8 to work properly without glitches then do take care of the prerequisites for the system requirements before moving ahead with the windows 8 installations.

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