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The Software Protection Service has Stopped- Fixed

If your software protection service has stopped on PC then follow the below given instructions to enable or starting it again.

In Windows Operating System, the software privacy or the licensing is provided by the Software Protection Service. The significant use of this is to activate genuine subscription of Windows. The Services Microsoft Management Console describes the Software Protection Service as the service that plays a vital role in enabling, enforcing, installing and downloading the digital license for Microsoft Windows. The OS and the licensed apps will continue to run in notification mode, when the service is disabled. Disabling of this service is not recommended and not advisable.

You can find the executables in: C:Windowssystem32sppsvc.exe

Default start type: Automatic (delayed start)

Login as: Network Service

Software Protection Service and Enabling in Windows 7

You can use the Software Protection service to restore all the non-required system changes, and you must not resort to the installation disk for this. All the modified files are back up and so are all the files of the system. All files can be opened in the previous version this way. The service makes a backup of the files of the system and the same are saved in a periodical basis. If you want to restore the modified files to the previous version all you need to do is to use Windows Restore Point, as these services all the modified files here. You can find this service enabled in the driver where windows was installed y default. But you can enable the same wherever you require.

Software Protection Service

Here are the steps that help you enable this service in Windows 7

  1. On the desktop, right-click the Computer icon.
  2. Choose Properties, and a new dialog box opens.
  3. Look at the left side menu bar. Click System Protection.
  4. In System Properties dialog box, you can enable the function in the drive you need. Then click the Configure button
  5. Now select Restore system settings->Apply
  6. If you want to control the maximum disk space, you can click Max usage option To disable the same, check Turn Off System Protection.
  7. When you click OK, the service is enabled or disabled

Using Services.msc Enable Windows Protection Services

  1. Go to Pearl button.
  2. Click Search programs and files.
  3. Type services.msc
  4. Now press Enter

Now, you can find the Software Protection. This lets you observe the current status of the service. If you want to make changes, you can do it by opening it.

Go to the General tab. You can Start or Stop the Startup type of the Software Protection services from the general tab. When you have completed the process, click the OK button.

Close the Services window.

Software Protection Services in Windows 8

The software protection service runs on its own process of sppsvc.exe. It runs at the following path, NT AUTHORITYNetworkService.  The process is not shared with the rest of the services. When the security is not started, an error is logged. However, the Windows 8 startup gets started, but users can see a notification via a message box, which says sppsvc service has not started up but failed.

Dependencies: If the Remote Procedure Call is not enabled or stopped, Software Protection will also not start. Automated Restore:

  1. Go to Windows 8 edition and click the download button available in this link-:
  2. You need to save this file to the folder in your system – Restore Software Protection Windows 8.bat file. The downloaded file has to be run as administrator.
  3. Restart the system.

Note: If you see that the sppsvc.exe file in the %WinDir%system32 folder missing restore the same from the Windows 8 Installation media.



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