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Craigslist Photos

Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified ads. Get the detailed idea of Craigslist photos.

If you own a business that can benefit from online marketing then craigslist could be an important and useful site for you. Craiglist is a network of online advertisements. However the pics that you can post on the craiglist to accompany the ad for your business are of a size too small. Here we give you tips to upload larger pics on craigslist.

As we know that Craigslist is a great website to post free classified advertisements online. But Craigslist posts all pictures or images of 300 x 225 sizes. Now in this article we will tell you how you can post large images or pictures on your advertisement.

Craigslist is a network of online communities, featuring free classified advertisements online- with internships, personals, jobs, housing, for sale/ wanted/ barter, community, services, gigs, pets and résumés categories – and forums on different topics. You can use the various services of Craigslist for your purpose. Like you can post an advertisement for selling a product or you can see any advertisement for buying a product, you can check the forums or the communities they have.

I personally use Craigslist for buying or selling of household or personal items. For some items we have to post more pictures but Craigslist reduces their size to 300 x 225, when we want them to be more than that.

So you don’t need to think that if you have small images then how you can post them on craigslist as larger images. Just follow the steps below and you can post the large images to Craigslist.

Steps to be followedhow to embed large pictures in craigslist

Step 1:

Firstly what you have to do is create an account on You’ll find a sign up tab on the home page of site. By that you can create an account on photobucket.

Step 2:

So after creating an account on photobucket you can now start adding your photos. Just add your photos on photobucket then open the uploaded image. And then click on Edit.

After clicking Edit, now the image editor will open. Click Resize.

And now set the Height at 800, and click Apply and then click Save.

Now you have increased the size of your image. In same way you can edit the image in any way you want using the image editor of photobucket.

Step 3:

Now we have to add this image in our post on Craigslist. To do that, just follow the steps:

  • Click on Library, you’ll be having two images, original and edited one.
  • Now you’ll be getting the links, click on HTML code and copy it.

Step 4:

Now paste the link with the ad in Craigslist, that you copied from photobucket. Complete rest of the steps at Craigslist and your image will be big enough.

This is the last step to make your picture or image large in Craigslist.

Hope this article about how to embed large pictures in craigslist helped you.

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