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How to Download Music from SoundCloud Google Chrome

Want to download music from soundcloud ? Here we will tell you how to download music from SoundCloud via Google Chrome. Here is the complete procedure.

Google Chrome has arguably turned out to be the fastest web browser present in the market right now. Its features are probably the best a user can have at the moment. SoundCloud is one such feature that makes Google Chrome even stronger as a web performer. Since music enthusiasts from all over the world are constantly looking for songs, instrumentals and other music pieces to download, SoundCloud gives them the chance to do it in the most effective manner possible.

SoundCloud is one of the best places at the moment, which allows its users to host as well as share music creations of their own along with their friends. Sharing does not get limited to a small number of friends only. With SoundCloud, a user can share his personal musical creation with everyone in the world, who has an internet connection. However, this is not the only thing that makes SoundCloud amazing.

One more great aspect about this software is that it allows you to discover new talents in the field of music. Simply because other talented people share their original creations through SoundCloud and let the world know about their creativity and talent, you get a chance to discover those new pieces of music creations, which are never heard before by those who do not have the privilege of SoundCloud.How to Download Music from SoundCloud Google Chrome

Many of these users allow others not only to listen to their musical creation but download the same also. The sharing of music is not limited to original creations only, users do remixes of Chartbuster songs as well and share it with the world with SoundCloud.

However, to obtain the download option every time you wish to download music through SoundCloud, you have to use the Super userscript.

After this Super userscript is installed, you are going to have a button which will allow you to save the song by using the “save as” option after right clicking the same. This appears in the header of each song. Every page has the download button not only for its registered users but for guest users as well. That is why it gets more interesting.

You do not have to go through the rigorous process of registration in order to avail the privilege of downloading your favorite music via SoundCloud. You can do the same even without registering yourself. The button helps you get direct links of the MP3 files from relevant SoundCloud server.

The process of downloading a piece of music is simple. You just have to right click the “save as” button and the process of download from the server to your computer gets initiated. However, SoundCloud is not responsible for giving an appropriate name to the file you are downloading. That is why you must make sure you rename it according to your preference to get easy access to it later from your computer.

Another great feature of SoundCloud is the feature of recommendation. When you browse for your favorite songs, SoundCloud recommends a list of songs which is in relation with the one that you are looking for. This recommendation often makes the user more aware of new music available in the same genre.  The process of recommendation happens as you tap into Easyrec. This, however, gets visible only after a day after you finish installing the script.

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