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How to Appear Offline to Certain People on New Facebook Chat

Sometimes we don’t want someone to see that we are online on Facebook. This article will help you appear offline to certain people.

Anyone without a social networking site ID is considered to be outdated or old. Being a member of any of the popular social networking site is the first criteria to prove that you are not terribly much alien to the current trend of the society. Though these networking sites bring you closer to each other and help you stay in touch, but there exist disadvantages too. You lose privacy, which is the most often acknowledged disadvantage in Facebook. You can chat with all your friends on Facebook.

For this your friend should have logged into their account. You can find the people available online in the notification chat bar. You can find this bar in the Facebook session’s right corner at the bottom side that you have opened. While you can chat with those available online, others too can do the same to you.

So whenever you are listed in the chat notification bar of your friends as available, then your friends can chat with you. When you are not in a mood to chat with everybody and if you do want to hide yourself from any of your friends, there is a way. For instance, no one would like to chat with his or her boss, when he or she has taken an off from work.

Instructions how to appear offline to certain people on new Facebook chat

Here go the steps for you to stay offline from specific people.

1. The exact first step is to Login to your Facebook a/c.

2. In the left side of the sessions, a link termed friends appear. Click on this link.

3. You can see the “create a list” tab and click it. This is the feature that lets you create a list that lets you stay offline for a particular set of people or a specific individual.

4. When you do not see the create a list link, you need to go back to the previous session.

5. Then “manage friend list” tab has to be clicked.

6. Next step is to create a name for the list. You should do this when a window pop-up appears.

7. It is suggested to create names like offline chat, invisible chat. This is because you will know immediately about the list even after you login after a few days. A name that describes the purpose is the best name of the list. Then starts the actual process of staying offline from selected friend or group of friends

8. You can do this simply. Click on the name of the friend, you can also do this by clicking on the profile picture of the friend.

9. Complete the selection process.

10. After you have finished selecting,  the tab name “creates list” has to be clicked. This tab appears within a pop up window.

11. Now at the bottom right corner select the chat notification bar.

12. Find the list’s name in which you have selected friends and you have added to the list for staying offline.

13. To the right side of the list offline switch tab is present, click this button. It appears in green color and oval shape.

14. To this list if you want to appear online again, just click the tab again

This is an easy process, and you do not need to delete people from friends list for the sake of staying offline. This process is extremely helpful while you have taken off from work or you want to maintain privacy during the Facebook session.

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