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How to Create Confession Page on Facebook

Confessions on Facebook fan page have become popular now days as confession is considered an apt way of reducing stress of an individual. So why not make your own confession page.

Confession is a kind of statement which is shared by a group or an individual where some fact or some kind of acknowledgement is being made and most of the times they are not fancy! The word is usually associated with any legal fault or wrong doing or admitting some moral mistake committed earlier. Confession is considered an apt way of reducing stress of an individual. Now a day’s people think that the social networking site like Facebook is the best place to confess something. And it is going viral. Whether it’s a group of college students, companies, colleges, educational institutes and even groups, all find it a useful social tool to reach its audience. The page could be customized according to the user’s requirement.  On this page any one can come and confess without revealing their identity. The best part of this page is that anyone can come to the disclosure page and share their feeling without disclosing their identity. Even to the manager/admin of the page!

The process of creating a confession page on Facebook is as under-

  • Begin with logging into Facebook account and then go towards the create page link.
  • From there you will have to click on the option available as “Cause or community”.  And then provide the appropriate name according to the idea and revelation you wish to depict through that page. Some of the names suggested are – Hidden secrets, Confession revelation etc.

  • Once you have completed the above process, you will have to define the page with specific logo or the markup for your page. So that it could be distinguished from the other pages which are related to the confession page.
  • Further you will have to create a form for the confession page which should be really unique. This form could be created with the help of Google docs.Once the form is created you will have to share the link at the about section of the Face Book page of fan. At this page the people will be making the confession without revealing their identity.

Creating a form with help of Google Doc

  • To create the form using Google doc you will have to visit the link and then sign into your Google Account. If you don’t have one, proceed with creating a new one!
  • When you will have reached at the specific link, then click on the create option and then from there browse to the Form option
  • You can select any of the themes which you like and click on the “add item”. And then select the “paragraph text”.
  • Here you will have to customize your blank screen fields and then click on the save option which is available.
  • After this click on the option “View lives Form”. And then you will have to copy created URL. Here you will also have to create a shorter the link by using either the or which is known as the link shortner. Once it is done then paste it on the about region of the Face Book fan page which was created previously.
  • You should be sure that while you are editing or making changes in the form then you should select the “choose response destination” and the New Spreadsheet. When you are finished with it then save the form by adding an appropriate name to it.


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