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Facebook Graph Search Breaks your Privacy Settings

In this article we will tell you how facebook Graph Search breaks your privacy settings. Here’s the complete detail.

When Facebook launched Graph Search feature many people were worried about their privacy as it was speculated that Graph Search will break their privacy settings. But it is not so. In fact, all the information that you are posting are available for the people in your list only.  The Graph Search is still in limited preview phase and not completely functional, and it is high time you check your privacy settings.

But how to ensure your privacy? Check the following options

  • Check the share icon for all Location check, Posts, and Pictures

From now on every time you are doing some activity on Facebook like posting a picture or a post, adding Location check for yourself on vacation or even sharing an interesting link, just make it a point to check the associated icon. It there is an icon of a globe, then the post is available to the Facebook Graph Search Breaks your Privacy Settingspeople around the globe using Facebook! You must check in Friends or even custom your group whom you what to show the post. Also, it is a bright idea to divide Facebook friends on lists. This way your group is more privatized. All the posts that you are posting will be appearing on the newsfeed of all the people who is commenting on it.

  • Check the Activity Log

Probably this is the best way to ensure utmost privacy- fixing your Facebook life yet keeping on commenting on posts of other people. The Activity Log icon is situated in the top right hand side of your Timeline. You can peep into various pictures and posts that you have done or where you have been tagged, and then tweak about the privacy setting of each post. You cannot set privacy for what others have posted, but you can untag yourself whenever you feel necessary to do so in posts.

  • Check the About Section

Graph Search will be searching on the basis of places also. So if you do not want to divulge your present location, then go to the “about tab” in your Timeline and then edit it accordingly. You can control data like current city, telephone numbers and other data as such to be available only to the ones whom you want to inform. You can choose from either “Only Me” or “Friends”.

  • Location Tags and Likes

The Graph search is an extremely potential tool that will also search on the basis of likes and location statistics. This freedom will be accessible not just to your friends but also to the friends of your own friends. Each time you are checking into a mall or restaurant Graph Search will show you when the same restaurants are being surfed for. Again if, in pictures where you have been tagged, locations are added, Graph Search will reflect our name and picture in the search.

So for undoing Places you will have to choose the right option in the Place tab. It is situated on the right column in Timeline and as soon as you click on it, you will note that a map, bearing all the places where you have been tagged will appear. Clicking on that will show you the tags where you have been linked. Set the settings in the post from public to other customizable options. Similarly, on the “like” tab also you choose who can see your links.

The Facebook CEO-Mark Zuckerberg has issued the Graph Search Tool for Facebook as an extremely versatile weapon, but if you forget to check the right boxes you may land up in privacy issues.

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