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How to Create Portable Software with Winrar

In this article we will tell you how to create portable software with winrar. Here’s the complete procedure.

Portable Applications are very popular these days, and all of us want to experience them. On systems having limited memory,  there is no way one can use a program without installing it, so portable applications give the flexibility to run them without having to install on the system. Portable applications also offer the ability to be saved in flash drives and yet again it is not required to install them.

The most popular way of making portable software is by the use of Winrar and here is how you may use it.

Note: Just note that the trick is applicable for making portable applications that install all files in one folder. For cases where the files are saved in dll format or ocx format or copied in directories like System 32 or windows,  this will not work.

Instructions for Creating Winrar Portable Software

1. Step One

Navigate to the program’s installation directory that is to be made portable. Now click right on the mouse at the empty space and click on the How to Create Portable Software with Winrar“Select All” option. You may also click “Ctrl+A” to get the same effects. Now that all the files and folders have been selected right click on any file and then select “Add to Archive” option.

2. Step Two

Now go to the Winrar window which you will notice in the “General Tab”. Select the option “Create SFX Archive”. Now going to the “File” tab choose the entire text under “Files to add” and then copy the address of the file’s location. You may also get the similar effects by clicking “Ctrl+A” (Files to add) and then “Ctrl+C” (Copy).

3. Step Three

Now go to the “Advanced tab” option. There you will notice an option called “SFX options”. Now that a new window has emerged, and you are inside the “General Tab”, you must select the “Create in current folder” option. After this step, you will have to type the correct name of the file with the file extension, which is usually exe in the text box called “Run after extraction”. Just keep it in mind that you must type the right program that has been selected. For example if the name is YahooMessenegr.exe, you must type just the same name.

4. Step Four

Now in the same window choose the “Advance Tab” option. Then go to “Delete”, then files to “Delete in the destination folder”, and now press “Ctrl+V”. You will notice that the route has been pasted. Now going to the “Modes tab” you must select “Unpack to temporary folder” and then “Hide all” option.

5. Step Five

For older versions of Winrar, you will have to enter “Update tab” and choose the option “Overview all files”. In the latest versions, you will notice similar options in “Modes tab” in the option “Overwrite mode”.

6. Step Six

Now going to the “Text and Icon” tab go to “Browse” in front of “Load SFX logo from the file” so that you may choose a proper extension .ico for your portable application from your hard drive.

In case you do not have any icons for extension just search online, and download the desired. Now choose “OK” for all the windows and get out of Winrar.

After doing all this, you will notice that a new file has been created in the same folder. This is actually the portable application, and you have the freedom to copy this file wherever you want to by simply double clicking on it.

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