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How to Save File in .mht Format

In this article we will tell you how to save file in .mht format. Here is the complete procedure.

The MHT file type is usually related to “MHTML Document” format created by Microsoft Corporation. It is a short form for MIME HTML which is meant Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions HTML that indicates a web page archive format which can combine different resources which are usually indicated through external links like Audio files, flash animations, images etc. together into a single file through HTML code.

The contents of MHTML file are usually encoded as single E-mail message which is usually related to MIME. The first portion of the file usually contains HTML encoded while further parts contain resources to identify actual URLs which are encoded through base64.

The format was initially known as MHT which is named after the suffix .mht format which is named after files by default that are created by Save File in .mht FormatOpera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word. MHTML is a general standard that was registered by RFC 2557 during the year 1999. You save the web pages in Internet Explorer as Web archive file and it will automatically get saved in .MHT format which is MHTML (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension HTML).

The relative links within web page gets remapped and you can save the embedded contents in .mht archive format. The hyperlinks or absolute references on the web page will not get changed and .mht files will be viewed through Internet Explorer. The file type could get impacted and must be scanned carefully if someone any file with an unknown extension.

If you have Internet Explorer, you can easily the web page along with images and links into a single web archive file by using the “Save AS” option from the File menu and choosing web archive (*. mht) file format. The internal links and graphics will be stored within the single file using .mht format and you can view it with Internet Explorer or any compatible web browser.

In Microsoft Office also you can save the documents in .mht format by choosing the same option from the File menu. When you use Mozilla Firefox, there won’t be a direct option to save the files in .mht format and Firefox earlier had a compressed file format known as Mozilla Archive format. This was available in the initial version of Firefox 1.5 and was not available after 2.0.

You can fix by using a plugin which will allow you to save files in a web archive format. There are many advantages in storing web pages in .mht format since you need be copying the images, links and animations in separate folders. Instead all the related data for a web page will be contained within a single file and can be easily transferred to anywhere.

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