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How to Avoid Paypal Account Limitation

Limitations of your account hinders your money transfer and can indirectly hamper your needs. Learn how to avoid Paypal account limitations.

PayPal accounts get limited without any warning for suspicious activities or when PayPal is verifying the credibility of the PayPal user. Fraudsters if caught may be banned forever, and they would not be able to use PayPal ever again.

However, if you have not done anything wrong, this could also happen so do not be afraid it will be sorted out in a couple of days. Nevertheless, you can prevent them if you are careful with what you do and how yoHow to Avoid Paypal Account Limitationu use your PayPal account.

1.      Verify Your New Accounts

PayPal will always be vigilant if you have not verified your PayPal account because money lenders usually do that.

So if, you have not verified your PayPal account you run the risk of getting your account limited. In addition, you must connect both your credit card and bank account.

2.       Wait Before Using Your New Account

It is an excellent practice to wait a bit before using your new PayPal and making transactions. Withdrawing large sums shortly after creating your account may quickly lead to limiting of your account and will be one of the main reasons that accounts are limited.

A 30-day incubation period may do well for you and reduce the chances of having to face limiting of your account. Internet frauds usually occur with new accounts because such accounts are created just for the purpose.

3.      No Proxies

Never use any proxies while accessing your PayPal accounts because they hide your identity in the web surfing space and is an absolute no-no. Using proxies hides your IP address and shows you are some different location and PayPal can see that you are using a proxy.

4.      Use ISP Email Service

There are many free email accounts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and the lot, which can make you anonymous, and sort of vague your identity. It is therefore, better to use the email provided by your internet service provider because that will mean that you are not up to any mischief, though it is not a prerequisite.

5.      Provide Correct Information

Do not enter any inaccurate information into your PayPal account. Moreover, it is not an acceptable practice to keep changing the information, so enter the details accurately the first time around when you create your account. You should keep your information up-to-date and accurate because in the case that your account is restricted you can present your case in the right earnest with PayPal.

6.      Don’t Look Suspicious

PayPal is always monitoring the accounts of users to prevent money laundering and other frauds. Therefore, it is better not to fall into their observation list. Do not make frequent transaction withdrawals and do not end up giving refunds to your transactions. The most striking thing is not making large withdrawals shortly after getting a new PayPal account.

7.      Ebay and Paypal

That is the truth- what you do with Ebay affects PayPal too. PayPal will confirm your Ebay activities also, so maintain a clean slate there also. Watch out for what you sell electronics and expensive items are the biggies that commonly trigger limits.

That does not mean that you must stop selling them but ensure that you have organized fast shipping that is trackable, complete customer satisfaction and preserve proof of all your sales and purchases.

So in short provide accurate information and make sure that you do everything in bright light. Contact PayPal to ascertain whether your account is limited in any way, as based on your usage history and background checks it can happen.

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