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How to Add Adsense Below Post Title in Blogger

In this article we will tell you how to add adsense below post title in Blogger. Here’s the complete procedure.

If someone questions as to “how many blogs are there in the world?” no one could answer quickly. There are no clear stats available on this number but it is estimated that there could more than 350 million blogs would have been created on all available platforms like,, etc.

Undoubtedly both internet and the blogging have brought out a new stream of content writing with many freelance and professional writers actively involved in creating blog posts regularly. Housewives, students, retired employees and many such people who have got flair for writing have started making best out of blogging.

Blog providers have quickly identified the potential market for online advertising through their blogs. But it is Google which has surged ahead of the competition with its AdSense, the network ad campaign, and soon became the most sought-out ad supplier for millions of blogs with its How to put AdSense below Post Titleattractive revenue sharing.

There are umpteen numbers of professional bloggers who write highly innovative, useful and engaging content and in return get revenues from displaying AdSense ads on their pages. In one survey conducted by an organization says that 76% of the websites that the organization has studied are using AdSense. Estimations prepared by a popular online marketing analyst say that the market share of Google AdSense is around 15% of the entire online marketing.

Catching up with the trend, plenty of web hosting companies have started offering Google AdWords and AdSense programs as part of their hosting accounts. Thus Google’s AdSense has become the most preferred mode of online revenue generation., the official blogging platform of Google, comes with built-in tool to configure AdSense with the blogs. Bloggers have to click through the setup guide to place Google ads on their blogs. Once the setup is done, ads will be displayed in the default positions. As of now, there are 3 such positions available for any blog and they are:

  • Sidebar and posts
  • Only on Sidebar
  • Only below the posts

If a blogger wants to display the AdSense ads to appear below the title of each blogpost, it is not possible from the above setup and needs little customization. Let us see how to put AdSense below Post title.

  • Log in to you Blogger account.
  • Go to the blog that you wish to customize.
  • Click on “TEMPLATE” from the menu & again click on “Edit HTML”.
  • Now you would be seeing the HTML file of the theme template. Press Ctrl+F (Search) and in the search box, type ” <data:post.body/>
  • Right below the above, put the below given code:

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>



NOTE: In the place “Paste your Google AdSense Ad Code”, you should copy/paste your original Google Adcode.

  • Now click on “SAVE TEMPLATE” button.
  • Now click on “VIEW BLOG” button and check whether the AdSense ad is placed right under the title of your blog posts.

With this simple customization, bloggers can improve their CTR ratio

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