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How to edit videos on iPhone

In this post we will tell you how to edit videos on iPhone. Complete procedure is explained below:

Videos are the best way to share the most memorable moments and the success of the old horse Youtube is a live example. With the advent of smartphones with multimedia features, all the activities like shooting, editing and sharing the videos are being done with ease and flexibility.

Many third party developers have started developing applications (apps) with exciting features. Now the Apple Store is stacked with several thousands of apps that work on varied tasks. There are many video editing apps that are exclusively developed for iPhones including the built-in video editing tool provided by Apple.

Let us see how to edit a video in iPhone.

Video Editing Using iPhone’s Built-in Tool edit videos on iPhone

  • Launch video app on iPhone.
  • Select the video that you wish to edit.
  • Now you would be seeing a horizontal bar that shows the frames of the selected video.
  • At the each end of this bar, you would see two selectable spots.
  • Drag both the ends to the portion that needs to be edited.
  • Now the ends of the bar would turn to yellow color. This is an indication to you that you have cut the video up to this portion.
  • Now on to your right hand side top corner you would see TRIM button.
  • At the bottom of the iPhone screen you would see PLAY button. Click on it and see the edited video.
  • If the trimming is not perfect or if you feel something more needs to be done, you can do that by editing each frame of the selected video.
  • Once you are satisfied with the edited video give a tap on the TRIM button and select “Save as New Clip” and save the video.

That is it. Your edited video is available as new video clip for sharing with your loved ones.

Apart from the built-in video editor there are plenty of other apps that come with similar or advanced features like Givit.

Givit is the most popular video editing app and quite famous for its minimalist design and functionality. With Givit, even a novice video maker too can create professionally looking videos. Its powerful and versatile control panel has evolved over the years to deliver the maximum flexibility to the users.

The “Highlight” feature allows the users to highlight selective parts of the existing video and later the in-built editor would join them together and converts in to a new video. This “Highlight” feature can be used while shooting as well. Later the highlighted portions would be automatically added by the Getiit to make the highlighted parts into a new video.

Givit app comes with preloaded music tracks which can be used as background scores. As the music tracks are already licensed to Givit, users can freely add them without any fear of copyright issues.

The latest version of Givit comes with social sharing feature through which users can easily share the videos on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Givit app – download here.

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