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5 Holiday Gifts for the ‘Techie’ in Your Life

When it comes to gifts, every individual starts having ideas. Some of the gifts that you can gift to your geeky friend are given below.

All about some Holiday Gifts for Geeks. Here’s a list of some of the coolest gadgets out there, that will put you on the “Oh man, you rock!” list.

Are you at wits’ end, trying to figure out what to get the ‘techie’ in your life? Unless you’re a techie too, one gadget pretty much looks similar to the next in line.

Whether it’s for your significant other, your teen, business partner or friend, there is something out there for everyone.

Here’s a list of some of the coolest gadgets out there, that will put you on the “Oh man, you rock!” list.

  • MiFi 2200 Portable Hotspot
    Shopping for someone that’s always on the go and can’t stand not being connected? Well, you won’t find a better gift for them than this self-contained WiFi router which is small enough to fit in their pocket. Plug it in and they’ll be up and running wherever they land.
  • Powermat
    Tech-addicts have so many gadgets, it’s hard to keep track of them all, let alone keeping them charged. Help clean up the jumble of power cords by charging up on the Powermat. Power up to 3 devices at a time, at home or on the go with this portable folding charger, minus the cord jungle.
  • Handpresso
    Looking for something completely different? This portable little gadget makes premium espresso on the go. Just add water and a coffee pod and they’ll have an instant shot of caffeine. Perfect for the java lover in your life that likes cool toys.
  • Dell Inspiron duo – What can be cooler than having a tablet that can flip out and switch to a laptop in seconds? Not much! Go from work to entertainment using the same tablet, enjoying every minute. What’s even better is that, with Dell coupons, it makes the buying all that much easier.
  • Dots Gloves
    Cold weather is here, and with it come covered fingers. What is a person to do when they need to use their touch screen to answer a call or send a text? Bring on the toasty warm Dots Gloves. They are touch screen friendly and they don’t make the wearer look like a complete geek!

Holiday gift ideas, and shopping for them, really don’t have to totally try your patience. With a little help from techie friends, you can find the perfect gift. The next thing you know, you might be adding some of these to your list.

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