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High-Flying Gadgets

This article lists all the necessary things you would need to carry with yourself when you fly as a pilot in order to ensure your safety.

As a pilot, you spend countless hours learning, preparing and flying to a number of locations throughout your career. Whether you fly for personal enjoyment or as a job, there are certain things that you shouldn’t leave the ground without.

While they may seem like a “luxury item”, each of these things work together to ensure that you are safe and prepared for the things that may come your way. Do not overlook the minor details.


A Proper Headset

Headsets give pilots a way of communicating with each other and with towers along the way. Having a great headset will give you a clearer signal and a stronger connection.

In addition to technical things, more luxurious headsets are also more comfortable for the pilot. You will likely wear these things for hours at a time, and you need something that isn’t going to be painfully uncomfortable. Find a headset with plush earphones and a padded band for the most comfortable solution.

An Accurate GPS System

Navigating the sky is a lot different than navigating on the ground, which makes the need for an accurate systems even more important. Many GPS systems also include a variety of additional features like weather data, a touchscreen and XM radio compatibility.

While the radio may not be a necessity to landing in the right place, a GPS with this feature will make those long flights seem to go by a lot quicker. Popular GPS devices like the Garmin 796 provide pilots with all of these features and more.

Personal Locator Beacon

Should something tragic happen, you don’t want to be left unprepared. You should also get onto the flight expecting the best, but being prepared for the worst. Should the plane crash, you need to have a plan in place for how to handle it.

If you were to crash in the middle of nowhere, you need a way to get in touch with the outside world. This is where a personal locator beacon comes in handy. These beacons send a message to the control center, and it uses GPS to find your location quickly.

Staying safe and comfortable during your flight should be a top priority for any pilot. Don’t neglect purchasing luxury plane items because you feel they are unnecessary.

These things will make you much safer every time you take flight. With a proper headset to communicate, an accurate GPS system to keep you on course and a personal locator beacon should a tragic accident ever occur, you will be able to fly you plane with greater peace of mind.

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