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India Emerges as Second Fastest Google+ Adoptor

Indians have been the second biggest drivers of early growth of Google Plus. Find the complete details about Google Plus growth in India.

If you’re a Google Plus user then here’s something you need to know. You’re no more among the exclusively invited user base as Google Plus is no more an Invite-only network and by now, Google Plus service has even crossed more than 25 million unique visitors globally.

In a recent report by comScore, Google Plus has turned out to be a massive success in its first month of launch, hitting the first big milestone of 25 million unique visitors, much earlier than any other disruptive Social networking service of our times namely Myspace, Facebook or Twitter.

Most interesting facts about the viral growth of Google Plus is the countries that have attributed to the success of Google Plus. US being the fastest and largest adopter of Google Plus should come as no surprise to anyone. But second largest early adopter of Google Plus in its very first month, when the service was into an Invite-only testing phase for most of the time is India.

Google Plus Growth in India

By this time, it is clear to most of the tech giants that India is a huge and fast growing market for any company or product and despite a poor penetration of Internet services across the country, even a tiny percentage of Internet users(~5%) from India weighs more than a high Internet penetration country such as UK, due to sheer volume of India.

That’s one reason why companies like Amazon and Apple, that had largely ignored Indian market this far, have been acting fast and establishing their headquarters and Stores in India lately.

Coming back to Google Plus growth in India, over 3.6 million Indians have joined Google Plus during past one month. That’s more than UK, Canada, Germany and Brazil combined, which all rank after India in the list of countries where Google Plus has grown during past month.

For some perspective, its only last year when Facebook actually overtook Orkut in India. Adoption of Facebook in India was quite lethargic, mainly because of Orkut but even firm grip of Facebook in existing Indian market didn’t stop millions of Indians to manage an early Google Plus invite.

And given the flattening of Google Plus growth in US by end of the month but a sustained growth globally, India is possibly one country that may be responsible for such a sustained adoption of Google Plus throughout the month at global scale.

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