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Google Photoscan App – The easiest way to convert your old printed photos to digital photos

Google Photos is always considered the best tool for photo management that you can install on your phone and helps you to share your photos with your friends. You can share all your photos in Google’s cloud using this App and also share your favorite pictures with friends. They have recently introduced the Google Photoscan App which allows users to scan their old printed photos and convert them into amazing digital pictures.

How it works?

This new standalone App is available for both iOS and Android platforms and it will eliminate any glare while taking the scan of your photos. This App designed by the experts in Google Photos team uses an amazing combination of computational photography and manual shooting to present digital copies of your old photos. You can use your mobile phone’s camera to capture the picture of your old photo and this App automatically recognizes the four corners of the picture frame. It will then display circular overlays for each corner of the scanned picture which you should point to by using your phone’s camera at each circle. The App then gives you the most optimal and bright scan of your old printed photo which looks almost like it was shot digitally.

The App will directly take you the viewfinder of your camera and presents you with 4 white dots which are in four different corners of the photo which you are about the scan. You should gently guide your phone over each dots and it will allow Google PhotoScan App to take multiple copies of your picture from different viewing angles. Then it combines all of them to provide the most robust scan of your printed photo with excellent details by removing any glare and shadows.

Photoscan App
Google Photoscan App


Unlike normally taking a snap of your old photos using a smart phone in which the image will appear will lot of glare and shadows with most of the details getting lost, the Google PhotoScan App gives you the best scan of your old printed photos by eliminating any glare and loss of any color details. The four-corner scanning process is done to ensure that the scanned photo does not have any reflections and none of the color details are lost. The overall exposure also is maintained even and the App allows users to create panaroma photos by making a single images from several overlapped photos. As soon as you take the scan of your photo, it gets backed in Google cloud under the Google photos library. The App also offers standard face recognition and several enhancement effects for your photos that you can apply to enhance the appearance of your pictures. The App can automatically recognize a person’s old photos as well using its impressive AI and computer vision which is really great.

New version of Google Photos App 

Even the Google Photos App has been introduced with some new editing features to make it more impressive. There is a new Auto Enhance features which uses the combination of saturation and exposure levels to make your photo appear much brighter. Also it allows users to edit the color and light levels and various other editing features used by professional photograph editors. Also there are more than 12 new super cool “looks” and filters added to the Google Photos App which is much better than those effects available in Instagram or other photo sharing Apps. These new filters are powered by machine learning and will automatically edit your photos based on its darkness, saturation, color, brightness or warmth before applying the new effect.

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