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Get more Themes for your Windows 8 Phone

If you want new Themes for your windows as you want its look being unique rapidly , learn here the ways of getting new themes for your Windows 8 phone .

Windows 8 is the latest operating system developed for phones that run on this platform. It can be called a smart phone as all the inclusions are well thought out and enhance the user’s experience. The latest version also has more options when it comes to theme colours which aides clear reading and also aligns with the overall design. However, the users are always looking for ways to personalise their phones and would like to have more colour options than the ones that have already been included in the settings tab.

There are many ways to add that personal touch to the phone and there are also many apps that are available online which can be downloaded and can help you change the inbuilt settings of a phone. For all the people who are looking to add more colours to their theme settings, here is what you can do.

Use the online theme creator:

This is the app available online which can be used to create your own themes and colours as you think is best for your windows 8 phone. You are allowed to design your own personalised theme and add them to the settings tab so that you can change it as and when required. Just use the steps as listed on the app and start to create a theme that can be an added personal touch to your phone.

File sharing:

After successfully creating the theme, you are allowed to save it, edit it, share it or download it. There is no charge for doing all that with your theme creator. You can create unlimited themes with the help of this online tool. There are many people who are already using these tools to create thousands of themes that are being shared and downloaded across the platform. If you do not want to create a theme, you can also browse through thousands of them created by someone else and download it to your phone for later use.

Be a part of an online community:

For all the mobile geeks out there, they can freely share ideas and new designs through the online community as supported by this app. You can also interact with other members and share your own designs and ask them to share theirs with you over this platform. You can also go to forum if you need any technical help that can be resolved by other members of the community.

The mobile phone customization has become as important as the mobile phone itself. When Windows launched its version 8 OS, they also introduced new collection of themes that are still not enough for the users. They always prefer to add that personal touch to something as private as a phone. Windows based phones are catching up with the iOS and Android based phones and these small customization abilities can surely propel their market in the forward direction. There is nothing more exciting than to change the UI of a phone to something as per your taste.

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