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Promoted Posts vs Sponsored Stories on Facebook

Facebook use for business plays a key role in promotion. Choose the best with the help of Promoted posts vs sponsored stories on Facebook article.

 Sponsored Stories

These are similar to Facebook Ads and appear on the same part of the page as other ads. But these have a different targeting strategy than your regular ads. These stories target your news feeds.

Facebook Promoted Posts vs Sponsored Stories

These target those people who have selected to like your brand page. You are the one who selects targeting criteria for these stories. The people who get these stories may be your existing fans or general masses but they definitely have to fit in the specified criteria.

The benefit of a sponsored story is that the target gets these stories as an endorsement by one of his/her friends. This seems to draw more attention as otherwise because is very likely that if your friend likes something, you become too inquisitive to check it out.

 Promoted Posts

These add a promote button to the features of your status or your brand page’s status message. By paying a fee of $ 5 to $ 50, you can easily expand the reach of that status update to people who previously liked your brand page.

Facebook Promoted Posts vs Sponsored Stories

One may often think that if a fan likes your page, he/she is bound to check your updates in their news feed but this is entirely not true. For this to be true, it is most important that he/she is still interactive with your brand. If it is not like that, promoted posts come to your rescue.

They will help to reach to those people who although liked your page but are no longer interactive. Results show that promoted posts increase the number of times, your updates reach to a particular user as the total number of clicks on them is always found to be more than the total number of unique clicks.

 Which one is better?

Both the above mentioned marketing techniques have their own advantages and negativities. Below are the details of a confidential survey carried out using these methods:

As you may see, the only part where promoted posts lead is the reach. However if you look at the CPC for both these methods, You will find sponsored stories are more economical.


If you consider all odds, you will find it beneficial to use sponsored stories only when you are a well-established and fairly popular brand and you have an ample number of page visits per day.

If your brand is still in infancy, you will find the promoted posts of better utilization as they have a far better reach than sponsored stories and also a single user gets your updates multiple times, increasing the likelihood of him/her visiting you.

Though sponsored stories may seem cheap to you but if you are more farsighted, choose the technique that matches your current status of promotion and brand value rather than considering the monetary aspect.

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