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Facebook Promoted Posts India

Facebook promotions are famous world wide and famous for its purpose solving. Get an idea about facebookn promoted posts India. 

The tagline for Facebook says ‘it is free and always will be’ which might not be so, when you want to say something more effectively to your friends. Facebook has always been appreciated to try out new features insistently.

Recently it introduced a feature for promoted posts which was started as a test in New Zealand and is now available in about 20 countries worldwide. You will be happy to know that this list also includes India in it. In fact the service was introduced in India prior to the US.


This feature requires $ 7 (about 300 INR for India) to be paid so that your updates could be shifted higher in the new feeds of your friends. You can now play the role of an advertiser easily.

Just by paying 99 INR, you can promote your posts including photos, videos, links and status updates etc. and move them higher in your friends’ news feeds. As far as payment options are concerned, considering Indian economy, there are a host of options available.

You can pay using your mobile phone although for now only AirTel and BPL Indian mobile carriers are supported. You can also pay the amount via Pay Pal, Quick Pay, Western Union Money Transfer or Moneybookers.

But the question here is will the users feel blessed with the introduction of these posts or it will add another thing in their irritating things list.

Whichever way it is, it certainly is a blessing for the big celebrities to reach out even more exclusively to their fans. And in a country like India where people follow Facebook so religiously, Facebook is set to make loads of amounts in the form of revenue generated by these post subscriptions. It is already being considered as a very clever monetizing scheme adopted by Facebook to draw revenues from virtual markets worldwide.

There are a lot of innovative uses of this amazing feature incorporated into Facebook. Now it will be very easy to invite and attract people that matter to you the most, to some special events in your life.

Be it your son’s birthday party, the news that you are soon getting married or a very utilizable garage sale in your backyard, with these post promotions, it is going to get hard for all your mates to ignore your invites.

Although as every invention can be dangerous if used the other way round, these post promotions also may also be misused in the form of cyber bullying.

Targeting someone with embarrassing pictures, videos or writings and making them viral over the virtual environment just became easier with these promotions. But we certainly hope that Facebook is having a tactical strategy in store with them in order to avoid such messes.

Nevertheless, it is just amazing that now you will be able to rule the Facebook audience of yours by just paying 99 INR and promoting your product or service instantly and easily which would have cost you way too much if you had gone for other social media advertising options, print media or television.

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