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Facebook has become a breeding ground for drug cartels and human Traffickers, internal document shows – Top tech news

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Facebook has become a breeding ground for drug cartels and human Traffickers, internal document shows

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America’s leading newspaper The Wall Street Journal has published yet another controversial article on Facebook. In the latest explosive article, The Wall Street has claimed that Facebook is being extensively used by drug cartel mafias and human traffickers residing in developing countries. They are using Facebook especially for hiring new recruits and expanding their network. The article has further made explosive claims that Facebook surprisingly gave a weak response when its moderators raised alarm over how the platform is being misused by anti-social elements (Click Here).


Dozens of South Korean Crypto Exchanges are set to disappear

Many of South Korea’s small crypto exchanges will be closing down in coming days. In all, nearly 35-40 small crypto exchanges will be winding up their operations. According to media reports, these small exchanges were conducting their operations without permission from regulatory bodies. However, given that these exchange boosted small volume.  their closure is unlikely to have any major impact on South Korea’s crypto industry (Click Here).   


Microsoft Office 2021 will be available on October 5th  

Microsoft office 2021, the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite, will be available to users on October 5th. This is the same day when Windows 11 will be officially rolled out. Whether Microsoft office 2021’s release date is applicable only for the American market or the global market is not yet known.


In a rare gesture, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk share courteous tweets

On Thursday, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk shared series of few tweets. Surprisingly enough, their tweets were very cordial  in nature. This is highly unusual considering that both billionaires are always publicly odds with each other. The root of their acrimonious relationship is do with the fact that both operate highly ambitious space companies. Bezos’ bonhomie on Twitter was spurred by the successful launch of SpaceX’s all-civilian inspiration4 Crew. (Click here)

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