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Here is Designcrowd review, a website which makes it so easy for you to get professional logos and designs fabricated for you.

The Internet has made it really easy to access the global resources. This post will focus on a website named that makes it really easy for you to get professional logos and designs fabricated for you. Be it logo design, a t-shirt design or even a website design, make sit really easy to invite numerous offers by world class designers.

You are basically Crowdsourcing designers worldwide which was not possible earlier. The website provides a virtual place for the designers to meet employers.

 How It Works

First of all, you are required to post a brief about your requirements, your package for the designers and other design requirements that you expect for the designers to consider while they are working on it. You are basically starting a design contest.


Then within a few hours, you will be getting numerous designs from the best designers around the globe. Within 3 to 5 days, you will be having heaps of amazing designs to choose from.

Then you are free to have feedback. You can share the received designs with your team and other people whose feedback matters to you. You may eliminate the non-worthy designs and also request the designers whose designs did appeal to you to make amends and improvements in their designs the way you want them to.

Once you have reached the final designer that you have decided to choose, you can approve that designer. You will be able to transfer all the ownership and copyrights for that design so that you may legally use that design for yourself.

You are also required to make the promised payments to the designer in order to comply with the deal. After you have paid all the designers whose designs you like and you did not get the promises quality work from them, you also have the option to turn the deal down and you will get all your money back.

As a host it will cost you around $ 240 to $ 940 for a particular project and also you are supposed to pay $ 40 as your posting fee. This is really cheap as compared to other design contracts that you would have gone for otherwise.

The hosts also have the option to privatize the contests which render them invisible to other competitors. Only you and your selected designers will be able to access that competition, maintaining the security and confidentiality of you and your company.

As for the designers it is a really great opportunity to get noticed at a global level. You are not supposed to pay anything to do so. Just go to their website and register there. Browse through the design contests and find the one that is apt for your niche. It is really easy for both the designers and the employers to mutually benefit from this amazing service from

The website offers excellent customer support with both legal and non-legal matters. In all it is a pretty hot deal for both the designers and the business owners. This is a really competitive place to pool your creativity skills and benefit from them the most. Both of them will get better deals here than going for a professional contractor. All the conditions of the website are quite flexible for both the designers and the employers.

If you are either a designer or looking for a designer, you are advised to have a look at the services of this website which will definitely benefit you right from the time you sign up. Just try it out once and it is assure that you will never regret this decision.

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