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Crowdsource Your Graphic Designing Needs With ‘Creative.gd’

creativeIn this article we will tell you about graphic design crowdsourcing. Creative.gd is basically a ‘graphic design contest’ platform.

It seems that ‘Crowdsourcing’ is the next big revolution in the Web 2.0 era, where work is no more limited to be outsourced to BIG IT giants only. It’s the talented crowd that is taking the lead and helping clients in fulfilling their work requirements at much lower cost.

And the platforms which are bringing ‘clients’ and ‘talented crowd’ together, to let them fulfill each other’s requirements are playing an important role in the whole scenario of Crowdsourcing. Creative.gd is one such crowdsourcing platform.

Creative.gd is basically a ‘design contest platform’ where contest holders(clients) publish a designing brief and award a cash prize to one of the designs which is finally choosen by the contest holder(client), out of all the submissions to the client. Once the winning design is selected, the winning designer is rewarded with respective cash prize and the client receives the ‘exact file'(whatever format is appropriate such as .psd) from the designer. Prize money is released to the winner through the built-in Escrow system.


The concept is very much similar to other popular Crowdsourcing platforms such as GetAFreelancer, elance or RentACoder but all these platforms specialize in ‘coding’ and ‘web development’ requirements. Designing work is either not supported or given lower preference. Creative.gd is dedicatedly meant for Graphic designers only.

Logomyway is possibly a straight competitor to Creative.gd. Creative.gd is newer(launched in 2009 itself) and will take some more time to get populated with designing fraternity and cluster of clients.

Such platforms are a great new way for designers to earn money and hence recommended for any designing freak.

Go try it !!



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  2. logo design crowdsourcing

    July 7, 2010 at 2:49 am

    nice website and nice idea to harness power of graphic designers across globe and getting things done cheaper. good site indeed.

  3. Tran

    July 13, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    In terms of crowdsourcing for designs, for me, I am quite on the fence regarding the use of a crowdsourcing site for a logo design. It is still a touchy issue for most designers who said that crowdsourcing is a no-no for obtaining a logo design. I have tried crowdsourcing before and I know the risks involved but it comes within the territory. But there are other no-frills logo design websites online such as http://www.logobee.com, http://www.logodesignstation.com, logoyes.com, etc. which are actually great in getting a professional logo design at a fraction of the price and minus the risks of crowdsourcing (plagiarism is one of them). Seeing that there are no consultation services, the price is significantly lower than that of conventional design firms. For instance, I have tried http://www.logodesignstation.com and the experience was indeed a positive one. I managed to get my business logo design at an affordable price and the turnaround time was great as well. Highly recommended. Although crowdsourcing for logo designs could be a bane for some, many find it to be a viable alternative to get a fast logo on the cheap. It all depends on the individual actually.

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