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GeoSurf: Tool for Geo-targeted Media Research on Local and Global Markets

Geosurf is a localized proxy browsing tool GeoSurf for online media professionals who wish to analyze local markets and also understand advertising eco-system

If you run an ad agency or work as an online media professional who manages marketing campaigns for brand(s) and brainstorm in planning out methods to target various local markets in different ways to maximize results then here’s a web based tool that you must take note of.

GeoSurf is a must-have tool for Online Media pros who wish to research global market scene from a local perspective, without having to move anywhere or use some sophisticated and limited methods to get what they want.

GeoSurf is primarily a proxy toolbar, available for all major web browsers and the toolbar gives ability to its users to view local version of any webpage through proxy server logging,  enabling “localized” surfing for more than 90 global locations.

GeoSurf knows which global markets are more relevant for online advertising professionals and therefore, it spans over 25 US demographic market areas for city-level localized targeting along with plethora of global markets under its belt. If you have a specific requirement for localized targeting for a country or a city that is not within current scope of GeoSurf, their support staff is ready to listen to your feedback and expand their “localized” reach as per your specific needs.

GeoSurf servers bring a fast browsing experience along with security, and reliability. All the servers that power ‘localized proxy surfing’ for GeoSurf users are well-equipped with best of server technology so as to keep all its users have an uninterrupted service experience.

Now let’s talk about the latest product that GeoSurf has built for online media pros, GeoSurf Plus. This new product gives an all new dimension of exploring possibilities of understanding the eco-system of display advertising.

With GeoSurf Plus, you can deeply analyze any website from advertising standpoint and figure out various critical details that you would otherwise not be able to manage. Whichever site you browse, GeoSurf Plus will immediately display associated details such as number of ad campaigns and also the advertisers, currently active on that site. If you try exploring further, then you can also fin out info such as the mediators (networks, exchanges, etc) involved in running the campaigns for various involved advertisers.

Below snapshots will give you a glimpse of how you can make use of GeoSurf Plus to analyze the overall eco-system of advertisers around any website, whether it’s a popular site or a mediocre website.

There are a bunch of other advanced features such as localized user experience within smartphones(iOS, Android etc), GeoSurf for PlayStation, among others so you’re likely to get more than you might practically make use of.

The pricing is fairly justified, given the fact that this service is quite exclusive and is meant for a professional and enterprise level customers.  There’s a 5 day Trial period as well so you can try out the service before putting your money, in order to buy proxy toolbar and other services from GeoSurf.

Catch up with this video that showcases some of the salient features of

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