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Convert Multiple Currencies At Once

People convert currency, to pay, either for work or for fun as they travel worldwide. Learn  the ways to convert multiple currencies at once.

Google is the most popular and widely used search engine which comes packed with variety of built-in tools which can solve your everyday problems. For instance Google search engine contains in-built calculator which could solve complicated Mathematics equations. It also has a currency convertor which can be used convert multiple currencies at same time. For example, if you mention “1 USD in INR” at the search box you will get the Indian rupee equivalent for 1 US dollar. Similarly if you type 1 ounce in grams, it will just convert the metric and imperial units of mass and provide you the result instantly.

Some people are not aware of the fact that Google calculator has the capacity to convert multiple currencies at once. To present you with simple example, if you are into coin collection or Forex trading and want to convert several currencies at same time, you can accomplish this easily with help of Google search engine. For instance you can convert Euros and British Pounds together and obtain total value in US dollars with single search query. You can make use of arithmetic operators for adding, subtracting or multiplying the currencies to get the desired result. You can use + sign for adding, * for multiplication and – for subtracting different currencies. You can also use brackets to separate each operation and do all of them together with single search query.

In case of complex mathematical operations which require more logic, you can make use of Wolframe Alpha which is also a product of Google. Here you can detail layout with perfect descriptions for most complex queries which include different areas like politics, currency, weather, time difference and other general knowledge related questions. Hence this tool is called as Knowledge engine. But even with help of Google you can pretty much achieve all your unit conversion, weather, time zone and currency conversion related queries. For example if you want to convert multiple currencies at same time, you can use a search query as below

(100 Euros) + (100 Canadian dollars) + (10 AUD) + (100 UK Pounds) + (100 Japanese yen) in US dollar.

In this case, all the currencies will be converted and the US dollar equivalent will be shown in the result of search query. Similarly you can repeat the operation for any number of currencies within single search query and use other arithmetic operators to subtract or multiply as well. It is one of the most useful features of Google search engine which is of great help especially for people involved in Currency trading as they can get the value of multiple currencies instantly.

Hope this article about Convert Multiple Currencies at once helped you.

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