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Orkut introduces Intra-chat !

In this article we will tell you about exciting Intra-chat feature which enables chat within orkut.

This is to all the folks who have Orkut as one of their major social networking destination for fun and networking. Orkut has recently introduced ‘intra-chat’ feature.A feature that will let you have an active chat with your friends who’re online.It’s a good option over the old passive communication through scraps(non-instantaneous).

You can also set your status(available,busy,invisible,offline) as per your priority and can also customize the settings to make yourself available for chat to selected group of friends.

But it’s quite possible that you may not be able to use/see it immediately.It’s because just like the upgradation of new layout of Orkut(it took more than a week or so to get all the users over the new version),the team at Orkut is implementing intra-chat feature with a gradual pace.(i’ve got mine upgraded but my friends at Orkut haven’t)

This is something that Facebook implemented few months ago and now Orkut is following up with it.(Just like Orkut followed ‘Facebook Apps’ with their own platform for apps).

I think,this time,Google is planning to save out some money,which it would have invested otherwise in R&D of user behaviour and related innovations in social networking as they are more or less ripping off the innovative attempts of other established social networks.

But anyways,its good to see Google introducing chat within the Orkut profile.This will surely make the things go easy in the future for Orkut lovers.You can definitely expect another feature added to Orkut in near future and that is “User profile’s public address”.This has already been implemented long time back by MySpace & Facebook but is still missing out in Orkut.

Update : Orkut has recently reverted back one of its actions that was bugging orkut users since its implementation : ‘Link suppression’. Here’s the full post.

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