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Best Apps for Windows Media Center

In this article we would be talking about some of the best apps for media center that could enhance your experience with Windows Media Center.

If you are a user of Microsoft’s Windows operating system then you would know Windows Media Center. It is the entertainment part of Windows through which users can record, view and organize movies, videos and music that are stored on the hard disk. It also connects the users to the online stores for online live TV, movies galleries etc.

Microsoft has encouraged the third party app developers to come up with exclusive apps that could benefit the Windows users. Also, some of the well known brands Netflix, Hulu, Barne & Noble etc. have started offering apps that could be installed along with Windows Media Center that provides instant connectivity with the services of those brands.

Windows XP & Windows Vista

Following apps are currently available for this category:

  • CinePlayer DVD Decoder – Can play high definition videos and 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital audio files.
  • NVIDIA DVD Decoder – Offers the users the perfect home theater experience and supports DVD and MPEG – 2 playbacks.
  • Cyberlink Power DVD SE – Users of Windows Media Player 10 & 11 can play Dolby audio tracks, videos, TV shows etc.
  • SRS Audio Enhancements – This is a patented app of SRS Audio Technologies that helps the users to customize the sound settings and enjoy a surround sound system.
  • DFX – Offers 3D surround sound system, hyperbass and head phone customization and enhances the experience of home theater pc.


Windows 8

Microsoft’s online store has a plethora of apps for Windows 8. Users can choose the apps from plenty of categories like games, music, photo editing, education, office suit, books etc. Some of the most popular apps for Windows 8 are:

  • Nook – With this free app users can get access to millions of books, magazines and newspapers. This app is also offering 1 million free books for its users.
  • Skype – Who does know about Skype? An exclusive app has been designed by Skype for Windows 8 Media Center. It has all the features of standard Skype software and it is a free app.
  • Halo: Spartan Assault – This paid, touch based app is for gaming lovers. Being one of the highest downloaded gaming apps, Halo offers a unique experience for those who love to play shooting games.
  • iHeartRadio – This tunes the users into 1,500 online radio stations. Being a free app, users can instantly download this app and connect it with Windows Media Center and enjoy the digital online radio service.
  • Nokia Music – “20 million tracks under one roof” is what best describes this app. With this free app, users can find the music of their choice.
  • All Recipes – This is a must have app for food lovers. Just sign-in to this app to find exotic recipes that can brighten one’s lunch or dinner. A free app that offers more than 40,000 recipes is something worth having.
  • Evernote Touch – This app is for busy executives who handle huge pile of works. Through this free app users can synchronize their meetings, research schedules, designs, ideas etc. This app can also sync the desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones for easy access.



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