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Windows 8 skin pack for XP

In this article we will tell you about Windows 8 skin pack for XP. Here’s the complete details:

Windows 8 is the most recent operating system from Microsoft that was released during October 26 2012. Windows 8 skin pack for XP allows you to change the appearance of your PC running the old XP operating system like a brand new Windows 8 system. If you are bored using the same old laptop or PC with primitive theme and old XP style, you can install such skin packs and make it appear beautiful.

There are different categories of Windows 8 skin packs compatible with XP operating system which can transform the appearance of your old OS to revamped and brand new Windows 8 operating system. When you can download the package you can obtain Windows 8 inspired application and desktop themes which will help you to transform your system resembling latest Windows 8 OS without changing any of the system files. Some of the important features of installing the Windows 8 skin pack include New Wallpaper, New Desktop theme, revamped logo, new shell style, revamped start button, new boot screen, new installer etc.

There are different types of skin packs available based on your operating system type either 32-bit or 64-bit. You can download the trial version initially with limited features and if you are happy with appearance of the system you can purchase the full-version. Windows 8 skin provides a customization package which can transform the overall appearance of your system. The installation process is very simple and helps you to select the elements which you want to change such as boot screen, login screen, screen saver, widgets, style, wall paper, explorer style etc.

Windows 8 skin packs for XP can enhance the overall appearance of your traditional Desktop and give a completely revamped look. There are two modes of installation available for Windows 8 skin pack in which the quick mode will alter the user-defined homepage and also install custom tool bar for your browser. It will alter the default search engine in your browser. If you are not interested in installing these additional elements, you can disable them by using the Custom installation procedure. The custom installation pack will allow you decide which components you wish to install and what style elements you want to add to the skin. The features include new login screen, new explorer, new boot screen, new lock screen, new widgets, new style, new wallpaper, custom logos and revamped start button etc.

A skin pack is an easy way to enrich the appearance of your Desktop without having to modify various settings or taking the pain to design your own backgrounds and icons. Instead of using multiple tools to alter the icons, the easiest way to tweak the appearance of your Desktop is by using Windows 8 Skin pack. Some popular Windows 8 skin packs for XP include Chromium Skin pack, Retro Skin Pack, Memento Skin Pack, Simplex Skin Pack, Ourea Skin pack etc. The customized version of login screen and revamped Windows Explorer along with custom widgets, lock screen, side bar, dock etc. makes the skin pack interesting and easy to install compare to other themes. You can download either 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on the type of OS you have installed in your Desktop. Once you have installed the skin pack, you can change the wallpaper of theme according to your taste. Some skin pack come with collection of custom themes and colors which can be modified based on user’s interest. They are very user-friendly and easy to install. You should be aware of the fact that some skin packs might modify the system file and you should read the instruction carefully before installing such skin packs.



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