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Benefits of Near Field Communication

Technology is advancing and NFC is the new technology for communication. This article will tell you about some of the benefits of near field communication.

Near Field Communication is the latest in the threshold of human civilization, and this has broadened our horizons even more. NFC has added a lot of convenience for business interests, and distance is not any more a deterring factor.

Here are some of the advantages of NFC-

Convenience in Commerce, Transportation, Health Care

The most significant reasons why NFC enhanced Smartphone sales are the convenience it allows.

Benefits of NFC

a. Commerce

Now you do not need to carry different credit cards and movie tickets in wallets. You can load the cards to various store outlets and keep coupon codes so that they may be accessed from the Smartphone with NFC technology easily. Just swipe your Smartphone over a card reader and this all you have to do. Your credit cards lie loaded and free to be used any time with card readers.

b. Transportation

Apart from the commercial deals it can aid you in transportation also. Every day many commuters lose their tickets in the morning rush. But with NFC you need not worry carrying your tickets. Some cities in Japan offer NFC or FeliCa version of tickets for traveling in a train. Also for subways you can use the same Smartphone and not just for the access, but it also shows the number of trips you are left with. This increases mobility and transportation process faster.

c. Health Care

With NFC the patients can be tracked faster and doctor’s notes can be dispatched to them in no time. Now, whenever the doctor changes the prescriptions for indoor patients it can be kept registered and later on referred to. This way a better database may be maintained and wrong prescriptions may be avoided.

This is just a few cases, and there are innumerable numbers of ways you may use NFC technology.

Security Enhancement

Now you know that the cards and coupons can be uploaded in a Smartphone, you will question how it enhances security? The Smartphone, as well as the wallet, can both be pick-pocketed. When your wallet full of credit cards gets stolen the thief can immediately access them, but not so with the Smartphone credit card access. You can password protect your Smartphone and all of your credit and debit cards will lie safe in it.

So even if your Smartphone gets lost you do not have to worry about your credit cards. Added to this is the superior data encryption used while there is information being shared between the card reader and your Smartphones. This ensures that hackers will not be able to steal any kinds of financial details from your Smartphone. Next, when you have all the card details in your Smartphone you are saved from misplacing them accidentally which usually happen to many of us often! And lastly, if you have the facility of GPS in your Smartphone you have quite a good chance of your Smartphone to be located and recovered.

Multifaceted Features

We cannot simply deny the multifaceted and the multitasking nature of the NFC technology. On one hand, it lets you make purchases in the retail outlets and on the other it saves your movie tickets. Different business concerns are now using these machines to help customers access to orders faster like Starbucks has done.

It can let you carry on social networking too. With it, you may bump your Smartphone with friends and share contact details. You may check in at places and enhance user interaction manifold with just the intervention of your Smartphone.

Every technology comes with a limitation and NFC is no exception, but the benefits definitely outweigh the limitations.

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