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“Akash” Tablet is a Runaway Hit in India

Akash tablet is about to launch in India. This article will tell you about Akash tablet sales in India. Find the complete details below.

While Apple is enjoying the top choice for any prospective tablet buyer and manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola, Sony and others are launching lustrous high-end Android tablets to the market, in hope of gaining significant market share in still-naive and evolving tablet market, Amazon has disrupted the whole economics of tablet Industry by launching ‘Kindle Fire’, an android tablet with decent specs and advanced level of customizations, at a mind-boggling price tag of $199 or Rs.10k(and there’s no subsidy applied over here).

Kindle Fire‘ has by far been the most successful (on the basis of pre-orders and early sales figures) Android tablet in the short history of Android tablets and the demand is still holding strong in the western countries, especially U.S.

Akash Tablet Sales in India

And while the ‘west’ is boasting fast adoption of tablets such as iPad 2 and Kindle Fire,  there’s another tablet called ‘Akash’, better defined as ‘World’s Cheapest tablet‘ from Indian soil, that’s silently making waves in an acute tablet market in India.

India, being a fast growing market in technology landscape has shown that new age Internet-enabled devices such as tablets are more than welcome, given the ‘price’ is right.

Datawind, the company behind ‘Akash’ tablet has recently announced that it has received more than 3 lakh(0.3Mn) pre-orders for the super-cheap tablet, for its commercial version and this pre-order is seperate from lakhs of tablets that the Govt. of India has already purchased for distribution among Indian students for enabling access to Internet for the Indian youth.

Given the price tag that’s attached to Akash tablet, Indian tablet market is certainly going to boom in the time to come. Datawind has in fact indicated that the price for the commercial version, which is currently hovering around Rs.3000,  can still go down, as and when demand increases and mass production begins.

Akash 2, the next version of Akash tablet has already been carved out as well and this next upgrade will come packed with 2x processing power and a capacitive touchscreen at the same old price tag of Rs.3000.

Will ‘Akash’ be bought outside India ?

Price conscious Indian sub-continent is an ideal market for a tablet like Akash but will the West like it over the feature-packed rivals such as iPads and Android tablets ?

Although price is a crucial factor for any buyer but users in western countries are habitual of faster, feature rich consumer devices and ‘Akash’ is unlikely to impress anyone, who has had his hands on an iPad or a Galaxy Tab before.

In fact, Amazon’s Kindle Fire, would probably be a better option(read value for money) than Akash tablet, if one would want a feature-rich and non-sluggish tablet device at an affordable price tag.

But tablets like ‘Akash’ and similar others(such as Reliance Tab) are sure to disrupt fast-evolving Indian market and Apple, Samsung and other tablet veterans are going to have a hard time selling their high-end tablets to Indian customers in near future.

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