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When ‘Basic SEO Practices’ go lame, What else can you look out for !

If you want SEO on a certain targeted keywords then you should hire an SEO expert. This article will tell you about advanced paid SEO techniques.

Quiet recently, I got a call from one of my college time friends who asked me about ‘Search Engine Optimization‘ required for his startup. As his startup is basically  an ‘offline’ firm, i couldn’t expect his website to be more than ‘5 to 10 static webpages’ and hardly a hope of addition of fresh content to his website on a regular basis.

Spending money wasn’t really a problem for my friend but he wanted to top Google results for ‘extremely common keywords‘ (Think of a keyword such as “luxury cars” for an Automobile based website). Now, i have been into tech blogging for about an year and a half but still wasn’t confident that the practices that i have been following would help him achieve desired results, simply because the Nature of the websites(his and TechPluto’s) is diametrically opposite.

TechPluto gets frequently updated with fresh content and his website is not expected to have fresh content for months.

Although i‘ve forwarded him few articles for learning the basic SEO techniques and certain precautions to be taken while optimizing his website for SEO purpose but i know, it’s not going to be enough to solve his purpose. He needs something more !

In such extreme cases, when somebody is running a typical offline startup/business but still wants a highly effective SEO on certain targeted keywords then they should better hire some SEO experts or dedicated SEO/SEM firms.

I just came across one such Chicago Search Engine Optimization company called ‘Digital Third Coast’, which offers focussed SEO and ‘local search optimization'(much useful for local businesses) solutions for dealing with various kinds of optimization requirements(including cases similar to my friend’s).

Any such dedicated SEO/SEM firm may not suit those who’re unwilling to shell out a single penny for ranking higher in SERPs but only for the ones that can spend decently for conducting aggressive(and hence effective) search marketing campaigns.

So, if you‘re comfortable with the SEO offerings at DTC (a Search Engine Optimization Chicago company) then go try them out.

By the way, if your bank balance has completely dried up (and you still want serious SEO results), these Five Advanced SEO Tactics may help you (they are much unique than the basic SEO techniques).

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