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3D Themes for Windows 8

In this article we will tell you about 3D Themes for Windows 8. Here’s the complete information about different 3D themes for Windows 8.

Upgrading the old and giving it a new credential is the newest trend doing rounds in various technology domains.Started by Apple and adapted by many,this trend has spread across all corners seamlessly.A trend that’s called updating without changing the initials!

You still know the iPhone as an iPhone and, you don’t call it with a different name.Just that there are several new versions of your iPhone and, and these versions have presented several new enhancements and features.None wishes to remain hooked to an “outdated” product. And with such rapid changes in technology, nobody actually needs to stick to an old product for long!

Windows is the only OS which has become more of a household name in world of software Microsoft Windows 95 was a ground breaking invention,followed by the Windows XP which people grew fond of in no time.An easy and friendly OS, played a huge role in making people grow close to computers. Computers are no longer mere idiot-boxes and used only for processing. Personalisation has become one of the natural fortes for Operating Systems.And Windows 8 only gives impetus to this new “wish-list” of users in the form of dynamic themes.With every new update, the themes are becoming increasingly beautiful and in sync with the class that people seek.

Here are a few eyeball grabbing themes that have been launched alongside Microsoft 8. Themes that will most certainly become trending in no time.

The Apocalypse Theme

The recent rumours of an Apocalypse have been trended into a beautiful theme by Microsoft. This theme flaunts its way by showing a burning earth amidst the numerous celestial beauties. If you feel you love the celestial themes, then this is certainly the one made for you.

Rainbow Theme

Colors of the rainbow have always managed to attract the eyeballs. This theme is so colorful that it turns your day from dull to vivid. If you are love colour,this theme is specially meant for you. You would certainly fall for the serenity of this theme.

Window 7 Dark Theme

From the quarter of windows 7, this theme looks very professional. The color combination is such that it gives you a faint happiness and makes you love it. If you are in the office, you could use this theme and make your PC look professional and beautiful. It’s a beauty alright! And don’t get confused by its name. This theme is ,an enhancement from its earlier edition which is till date considered one of the most popular themes for Windows 7 platform.

Lamborghini Theme

For automobile lovers, this is the theme that should be taken into account. With this theme,you would fall in love with your PC all over again.It is an ideal theme for those who love power and speed and grandeur. Goes without saying, the car in itself is a gem of beauty and the theme only gives life to it. Live the lambo-dream, virtually!

Angry Birds Theme

This game has taken the world with storm so, it’s no wonder that Windows chose this theme for it’s flagship Windows 8. This theme gives an energetic and mischevious look and feel to Windows 8. Not just kids, even grown ups have started falling for it.Some even call it .The “No-nonsense” theme!

There are many more themes that are raging the town. These are just the highlights of the new themes. You can search and download them online and rejuvenated your desktop with a whole new look and feel.



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