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We humans have universal love for traveling. Exploring New places and unique culture is intrinsically present in Human DNA. But our profound love for connectivity doesn’t quite augur well for our inherent desire for internet connectivity, which in today’s age of hyper-connectivity has almost become a basic necessity. More often than not while traveling our internet connection goes for a toss and so does our ‘normal world,’ which obviously thrives on seamless internet connectivity. So how does one resolve the internet’s ironic and complex tryst with traveling? Well, the easiest solution to this otherwise complex problem hails from An app that is solely dedicated to solving your internet connectivity problem while traveling, especially when you are commuting by flight. touts itself as an ‘internet crafter” that ensures you always remain connected anywhere and anytime. It is essentially an eSIM travel mobile data app. It promises the best cellular networks across the world, including more than 120 countries spread around the globe.

This app works strictly on eSim compatible devices. And if you’re lucky enough to have an eSim compatible smartphone then this application can offer dozens of advantages that probably only a few apps could offer.

Apart from an eSim compatible smartphone, this app doesn’t need anything else. It doesn’t need wifi or mobile roaming. That said, this app may initially need some support from the internet as well as roaming data to download or enable eSim. Once the eSim is installed, you won’t need wifi or a dual sim for internet connectivity. All you need is just a smartphone. Everything else will be taken care of by this powerful app. Likewise, this app also offers a host of other advantages that invariably ensures uninterrupted connectivity to the internet. For instance, can be installed instantly and easy top-ups are available no matter where you’re traveling. It has an inbuilt VPN solution, which is available along with the data service as long as the data package is active.

Benefits that frequent travelers can derive from Yesim:

Active social media

Keep your social media life in the loop while onboard on a flight or enjoying a long trip. Keep sharing beautiful photos of your vacation and make your friend go envious.

Be connected with your family & loved ones (always)

Fulfill your irreplaceable urge to stay connected with your loved ones while traveling with Yesim. This app keeps your intimate bond with your loved ones intact as ever before, no matter where you’re.

Perfect for freelancers or anyone wanting to work remotely

Long before coronavirus started casting its shadow, Yesim had envisioned a world where people have the luxury of working remotely or far away from the uninspiring corporate office.

Order a taxi hassle-freely

It happens so that at times we’re all stuck in a no man’s land and getting a bus is not even scarcely. But don’t get panic as Yesim is always there to rescue you from such panicky situations. With this app, an Uber drive is merely a few clicks away.

Data privacy

Yesim doesn’t prowl over your private and confidential data and thoroughly respects your right to data privacy. Therefore, it gives unfettered freedom to carry out as many financial transactions as possible without any hesitation whatsoever.

Currently, this app offers affordable data plans from 100 Mb to 3 Gb. Making payment through Yesim is just as easy. It has a built-in payment system that not only lets you make an instant payment but also views all the plans in a single window.

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Yesim app comes with a promise of offering unprecedented freedom while traveling. And in today’s age of the digital world, free and fulfilling life isn’t really possible without seamless connectivity to the internet. In a way, this highly efficient app ensures that traveling and hassle-free internet connectivity can go hand-in-hand. To sum it up, Yesim resolves the paradoxical relationship between traveling and internet connectivity quite perfectly. Therefore, now start enjoying your trip and vacation like never-before freedom.

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