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Windows 8 vs 8.1 performance

If you are thinking to purchase a new computer but confused about windows , check out here the comparison between performance of Windows 8 vs Windows 8.1.                          

The great news is Windows 8.1 has arrived. If you own a computer running on Windows 8, then there is a plethora of reasons why you should immediately upgrade to the latest version.

Windows 8.1 brings with it several helpful tools while rectifying some design flaws of Windows 8.For PC owners with Windows 8, downloading Windows 8.1 is child’s play and more importantly, the update is for free.

Windows 8 vs 8.1 performance
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Several promises Microsoft started to deliver on Windows 8 (like cloud integration) have attained fruitarian in Windows 8.1. The touch-first modern UI is terribly user-friendly and certain facilities such as the option to boot up direct to desktop are welcome introductions.

Windows 8.1 decidedly occupies less space than Windows 8 and Microsoft assures that it will provide you with 8-15% extra storage as the footprint is substantially smaller.

Users of Windows 8 were very happy with its ease of search. By comparison, Windows 8.1 enhances this to a much higher level with Smart Search – powered by Bing.

Now if you search for a particular subject, the results are neatly organized in a search “hero” — a visually-driven page. You can call up text, images, photos, maps etc. This is a distinct change from a slop file to a perfect presentation of information.

Better multi-tasking is another noteworthy feature. Snap (the provision to have multiple app screens all opening simultaneously) was a marvelous concept but it was narrowed in Windows 8 by having only one size and restricting the provision to just two windows.

Now, you can readjust the small windows to literally any size with no more than a finger swipe. If you have a big, high-resolution monitor, you can have multiple windows – for instance having Skype, email, a web browser and possibly the weather all open all at once.

Yet another heartening news is Windows 8.1 brings with it two new sizes for live tiles: A smaller square that occupies one quarter of the size of a regular tile, and a larger size that is equivalent to four regular squares.

The smaller size is fantastic for power users who desire to cram maximum shortcuts into their screen real estate. The newly introduced larger size is ideal for apps with lots of noticeable info -like Bing Weather.

Yet another noteworthy feature is automatic app updated. With Windows 8.1, all the updates will silently take place in the background, and the Windows Store will no longer annoy you reminding of what is still pending.

Many users will be happy to know tat the Start Screen can share desktop background. Although apparently a minor advantage, it has immense potential to make the modern UI friendlier.

Windows 8.1 comes wit a Dynamic Lock Screen. The lock screen on a Windows 8.1 ceases to be a static image. You can play a slideshow that has the ability to pull pictures from different folders including those in SkyDrive. You can also obtain calendar alerts, email alerts and interestingly, you can also take Skype calls without unlocking your device.

It needs also to be mentioned that there is a much improved Multi-Monitor Support. In Windows 8.1, you can exercise greater control over how content renders on a second display, giving tablets greater flexibility.

Further, in Windows 8.1, Microsoft has made SkyDrive the default place to save fresh documents, and enhanced matters on the back end to ensure they are seen as local files.

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